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You CAN Overcome

by Gary King
(Marengo, Iowa USA)

Trust in yourself, trust in life, trust in God...

(STORY THEME: 'Positive Attitude')

...I am a 50% service-connected veteran and served during both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. I have been through several life and death situations in which I should have been killed. But God spared me and my goal in life now is to help others to learn to cope with whatever it is they have to face.

My car was hit by a drunk driver while I was waiting for my last discharge in California. That was my first encounter with God and I survived.

I started bowling after my service years and raised my average to over 200. I was fortunate enough to bowl two 300 games and everything was going great. Two years ago I tore up the rotator cuff in my right shoulder and after an MRI at a VA Hospital was told by a surgeon that I would have to quit bowling. I did not quit and switched arms and now bowl left-handed. My average is up to 171 left-handed.

The bottom line is that I want everyone to know that you CAN overcome, no matter what the problem is or what you are facing. Trust and believe in yourself, in God and think positively.

You will find that life is more fun when you win and you can win if you decide to win, no matter what you are facing.

The reason many people in this life and world fail is because they listen to others and let others dictate what can and cannot be.

When YOU control YOUR world, you will win!

I give credit to God for all that I have accomplished and I thank God every day of my life because God has carried me through life and death situations because I trusted Him.


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May 26, 2009
The power of believing in yourself!
by: Steve

I think Gary's story illustrates beautifully the power of believing in yourself, even if others believe you to be wrong.

It is YOUR life, after all!

Thanks, Gary! :-)

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