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Work on Strengths (Not Weaknesses)?

by Steve M Nash
(Holmfirth, UK)

This is not really a story I'm going to share with you now, but rather a question about weaknesses from a site visitor (Mauricio) that got me thinking a) about Mauricio's answer and b) whether the focus of my site, SelfHelpCollective.com, and my own personal growth focus should be on strengths or on weaknesses.

So below you'll see Mauricio's question, my answer and then his reply to my answer. And then I'll summarise what I think now. And, of course, I'd love to hear your views, too...

Mauricio Asks (in November, 2010):

"Working our weaknesses is a lifelong task. First of all, we have to spot them out by recognizing them, and that is no easy job. Then, how much can we work on something we don't see?"

My Reply:

"Thanks for visiting SelfHelpCollective.com and for getting in touch with your great observations. You know, you are so right in what you say - how do you fix that which you do not know needs fixing?

"Well, and I am certainly no expert here, look for the clues. And clues include:
  • Getting angry at people for how they behave - This usually means that we're angry at something inside of ourselves that we do not like and do not wish to be reminded of

  • Other people's criticisms of us that we react very strongly against - Same meaning as above

  • The wisdom of others aimed at us - Quite often people can see our flaws better than we can, and are able to share what they see with wisdom. It's up to us to notice

"What do you think, Mauricio - would this work for you? Do let me know what you think! As this is an important subject you raise and one that I will comment on my website soon, in one form or another"

Mauricio's Reply to My Reply:

"Hello Steve, how is it going? You see, this is quite true, and immensely helpful if it is correctly done... 'and if they are able to share what they see with wisdom', my friend.., we should really thank them."

Now I'm still happy with the answer I gave Mauricio, but it did get me wondering at the time whether I should focus the SelfHelpCollective.com website on strengths or weaknesses - what do you think? Should we...

Focus on our strengths or our weaknesses?

Personally, today (Aug 28th, 2012):
  1. I now believe it's more important to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses

  2. Feedback from others is important, though, and can be used to show us where our weaknesses still lie

  3. If we focus on being our authentic true selves, relying on our strengths and being okay with our weaknesses, I believe we will lead happier, more fulfilled lives, and be more fun to be around

I wonder what you think? Do let me know in the comments section, below

Thanks for reading,

NOTE: if you'd like to ask me a question about your own personal growth journey, then please feel free to do so here. I can't promise I'll have a wise answer for you or that it will appear on this website, but I can promise I will give it my undivided attention. Thanks.

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