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Why Love Is One of the Most Positive Feelings Ever

by Maxim Pratsyuk

Love is one of the most positive emotions. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it accumulates all other positive emotions, including joy and serenity, and gratitude, and inspiration, and pride in a loved one, etc.

This is a joint experience of two people in love. A positive sense of belonging to each other allows you to dream, explore, enjoy and play. Love gives a feeling of strong connection, trust, community and health in general. You can see for yourself if you start searching for Russian brides online and find your happiness there.

A Declaration of Love
A declaration of love can be called one of the most reverent and memorable moments in the life of every person. The usual words, "I love you," uttered by a lover, are full of positive emotions and anxieties. And it is not for nothing! After all, people who decide to take this serious step that may completely change their lives, experience euphoria, joy, and anticipation.

If the feelings are mutual, then the addressee will share these emotions. Such a moment is full of intimacy, it brings anxiety and endless happiness, making people lose their heads.

Love of Men and Women: What Are the Differences?
In psychological terms, men and women have different levels of emotionality. Girls immediately show their feelings. Men know how to look indifferent, and most of them subconsciously control their emotions and do not flaunt their feelings. A woman in love becomes even more emotional, she is happy and does not even try to hide something from others.

A significant difference between the love of women and men is their attitude toward sex. Girls approach this process responsibly, so the place and foreplay are important. They need tenderness, caress, warmth. Men need sex to meet natural needs, and this is not their fault, this is just a physiological feature.

They can passionately love one woman, having a love affair on the side. For most women, this situation is unacceptable. The expression, "a woman loves with ears, and a man loves with eyes" has a deep meaning. Men pay more attention to visual information, and girls dream of beautiful words and confessions. An attractive shell is not enough for them. And even in long-term relationships, women want to hear words of love, feel tenderness and admiration.

There are a lot of differences between female and male love, but is it worth dwelling on it? After all, love is one of the most positive and pleasant feelings ever. And you will hardly meet someone who can start arguing this statement. The power of love will help overcome all obstacles.

The Language of Love
As has already been mentioned, each of us "feels love" in their own way. However, these are five of the most widespread ways to show your love, bring positive emotions and show special attitude.

1. Words (approval, support, admiration) + corresponding voice tone.

2. Great time together, when your attention is completely focused on your beloved one (this especially applies to sexual relationships).

3. Gifts as symbols of your feelings.

4. Service and help. In other words, specific actions that you do for a loved one.

5. Physical touches, showing your feelings.

Of course, ways of expressing love aren't limited to these five points.

However, if you learn to use these ways of expressing your feelings, then you will see once again that love is one of the most positive feelings ever. And it doesn't matter how long you have been together. Love is like the most beautiful and dainty flower, which requires a reverential attitude and care. So, don't forget about that having met the biggest love of your life.

About the Author
Maxim Pratsyuk is a writer from Ukraine

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