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Who Needs Luck and Talent - When You Have Unlimited Potential

by Hans

A new perspective on life, early on, made all the difference to me. "I was part of the puzzle of this universe and I could influence it through my actions."...

(STORY THEME: Personal Development)

...At 14 I was dissatisfied with life. I didn't want to accept my parent's excuse that "some people have talents and others don't". I couldn't accept having no answer to the meaning of life.

After a long night of thinking through the development of our universe until now and figuring out the common factors of life from the beginning, I reached a conclusion that Development, Expansion and Balance were three keys. With this in my baggage I drew the final conclusion that it was ok not to know the meaning for now, since nobody before me these millions of years had come to a final answer anyway... but instead I would align myself with those three factors.

From there on I never had problem motivating myself to develop and learn things. It just made sense to me in my own logic weird kind of way.

Before this realization I was never really interested in learning. In school I was always the average of all averages. But after this all of a sudden I became like a sponge. I had no reason to waste time anymore. I had all reasons in the world to develop myself. I was part of the puzzle of this universe and I could influence it through my actions.

Obviously I didn't have time to consume all the knowledge and skills I desired at the same time. The hours were not enough. Even minutes became important. I had to choose.

At that time I had several subjects in school and quite a few that I was not very good at. One of them was Spanish. I never did put much energy into Spanish, even after my realization. I simply chose to focus on learning other things. One day however after a Spanish examination that I failed miserably due to lack of preparation, the teacher told me something like: "You really don't have the talent to learn Spanish; you should consider choosing another subject"

When I heard this I got electrified, totally furious inside. What kind of stupid teacher to say such a thing, what did she know? To claim that I didn't have the talent to learn a language!

I never went to the Spanish lessons again, totally changed focus. I applied for going to Japan for a year as an exchange student.

I went to Japan and learned Japanese.

Half a year after returning from Japan I arranged to go to China.

Now I can pick up the phone and call any Chinese or Japanese and if they didn't know me they wouldn't have a clue that I'm not local. So much for no language talent.

Of course my realization didn't confine me to learning languages. During these years I have approached all fields of life. Today when writing this I'm not 30 years old yet, but I've accumulated wealth worth over 2 million, have a happy family & kid and continue learning and growing with speeds and accuracy far beyond normal.

The only point I want to communicate here is that... Luck and Talent - Screw 'em! Unlimited potential is inside you and me. Opportunities are all over. Motivation can be created from within. Nothing is so difficult that it can't be done step by step.

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Apr 23, 2009
Success leaves clues...
by: Steve

From early on, Hans' attitude to life changed, and it's a lesson to us all - perception is everything!

And believing that anything can be achieved, step by step, slowly slowly, [is] an attitude that is going to see you get an awful lot more done in this life, rather than the simpler, more 'justifiable' and common attitude of "I can't".

Thanks for sharing a wonderful, and positive story Hans!


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