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Whatever The Knockbacks - Stay Positive!

by Howard Platt
(Kent, USA)

How a positive mental attitude can help whatever aches and pains your body has - yes, even if you're seriously ill!...

(STORY THEME: Positivity)

...I jumped into the field of personal development over 25 years ago after reading a book about personal development. And I credit all I have learned to getting me through a host of personal and medical problems.

A quick summary of what I had to overcome:

  • 6 (yes, six!) brain tumors,
  • 11 surgeries, followed by
  • Years of violent seizures.
And within the last year I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder resulting in a permanent trach in my throat so I can breathe.

As you can imagine, the loss of my voice really inhibited my communication.

I then had some unforseen personal problems...

I will tell you this though, it's my knowledge in the personal development field - my growing understanding of the strengths of my self - that got me through everything....well, that and God! God being first, of course. I do truly feel blessed just to be here.


PS You can read the rest of my story at www.positive-thinking-for-you.com or simply learn more about positive thinking...

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Apr 21, 2009
Impressive positive attitude tips from Howard
by: Steve

Howard, I'm impressed with your mental fortitude!

Many of us - most of us, even! - may well have given in to the seemingly inevitable, and just allowed our ill health to get the better of us, but not you.

Thanks very much for sharing...

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