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What Makes Me Happy

by Mariah
(Hudson Valley, NY, USA)

What makes me happy? This happines list does...

  1. Petting my cat and listening to her purr
  2. Going on a random day trip with my hubby- just us, no time limit, exploring a new or favorite place
  3. Listening to ABBA
  4. Watching "History of the World, Pt. I" or any of the "Austin Powers" films
  5. Being on the beach at the New Jersey Shore
  6. Performing (singing/musical theater)
  7. Eating cold M & Ms with hot tea
  8. Listening to British accents
  9. Finding a bargain at the Goodwill
  10. Embracing my quirks
    (this list could go on and on!)
Most importantly ... accepting myself!!!

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Jun 17, 2009
Listening to British Accents...
by: Steve

So listening to British accents makes you happy, Mariah? Cor blimey, luv a duck, look at her walking down the pavement! Lol.

Seriously, thanks for sharing your happiness list! Great stuff! :-)

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