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What is Happiness to Me?

by Reon Revenezis

What is the meaning of Happiness, for me?

Happiness is...

  • An emotion which lets you feel pleasure or a sense of relief or enjoyment.

  • An emotion like love, which can be known when felt but can never really be defined.

  • Something you feel with friends, family or just simply, everything.

It can be felt in anything and in anyway but can one really know the real meaning of it?

How would you really know if the happiness you feel is real or not and how long will it last?

Our world is full of contraries so whenever you feel happiness next there is sadness.

It really is hard to tell the definition but all we know is that happiness is a good feeling and sadness isn't.


Reon shared his thoughts about the meaning of happiness on 11 February, 2009, before I was able to put them on the SelfHelpCollective website like this. So I asked Reon recently if he minded if I shared his views on what is happiness, and Reon thankfully said "yes" (or "si")...

Feel happy every day?

Is that even possible, Would you even want to? Well... Why not find out for yourself!

Feel happy every day!

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