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What Happiness Is...

by Tess

Happiness is a positive emotional state, an interal choice.

What happiness is:

* Knowing who I am

* Being who I am

* Accepting who you are

* Inner peace

* Knowing what is important

* Living in harmony with nature

   ::   ::   ::   ::

* Appreciation of beauty

* Faith, hope and optimism

* An inside job

* Living my best life


This is an excerpt from Tess's excellent blog called The Bold Life, excerpted with permission. You can read the full blog post here, What Happiness Is... (And I recommed that you do! :-) )

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Sep 09, 2009
Couldn't have said it any better...
by: Steve

I love this happiness list of yours, Tess. It might not specify eating certain foods, or smelling certain smells, but it gets to the heart of what makes me happy on any particular day.

I *really* like the idea of knowing (and being) who I am, whilst also accepting who you are. My happiness has always been about me, and it's never dependent on what somebody else does or says or thinks.

That's my ideal, anyway, and your happiness list certainly points the way! :-)

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