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Welcoming Change Improved My Life

by Mandy Zadoorian
(Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

Design By Mandy Zadoorian

Design By Mandy Zadoorian

Hi, my name is Mandy, I'm 27 and live in Scottsdale AZ, where it's the hottest place my feet have ever stood ground upon! I'm an Invasive Cardiovascular Technician, Certified Medical Assistant, previously a Regional Clinical Manager, Self-Realization Expert, Writer, Blogger and a single parent of one... in a nutshell, of course.

My story is somewhat sad, exciting, inspiring, but mostly I'm now grateful for the changes that have happened within my life and the simple transformations that have helped make this ongoing journey possible.

My recent job was going great and I had plenty to do, perhaps too much. With 4 promotions in 5 years, I felt on top of the world, as if I had 'made it'. It seemed that I was finally accomplishing challenges from every angle, nearly everyday. However, a few months ago, the 'work' at work became more of a resentment or a chore to me, rather than 'the job of my dreams' that it had previously felt like. I felt as though I was in a puddle of negativity that I couldn't ring out to dry.

Have you ever had that dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach where you know you'll need to dart to the restroom as fast as possible, only to pray and hope that you make it in time before throwing up your entire lunch all over yourself? (I had to give the mental picture, sorry for the grossness!)

Well, that was me walking into work each morning.

This was never an emotion I endured at any other job. The emptiness wasn't caused by more overwhelming responsibility, the people, nor the surrounding chaos, because I loved all of those things and believed that it assisted my overall inner growth and maturity.

The problem was the my lack of fulfillment after reaching the level I originally thought I had wanted.

The 'fulfill-o-meter' was 0 at my final breaking point. I recall thinking to myself the day I gave notice and resigned, "If I'm not happy today, then why would I not be unhappy again tomorrow?" That one thought actually turned into my site's motto and of my life, but I did alter the wording a bit...

"If you're not happy today, then change it for tomorrow"
And this inspirational quotation is now the foundation of my core values that I offer as a tool to whomever sees beyond the words' true meaning.

If nothing else, I have learned more in 4 months about myself than I ever thought possible. Through research performed for my blog, readers, and various professional articles recently published, my newfound notion to welcome life is profound.

Life has an interesting, if not comical way of working itself out, depending on the positive actions one is willing to make vivid thoughts and dreams a reality through action.

Things are never as bad as they seem and if they are, then it is to be considered merely a temporary strain for those willing to jump back on their saddle to ride into a new day. These lessons I've been fortunate enough to comprehend now give me an invaluable amount of optimism for the future.

Even though my new site has not been as successful as I would have hoped after the short time it's been online, I am more than satisfied with the inner success I have already accomplished and look forward to gaining even more knowledge, along with providing others with useful advice that they can benefit from too.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

Best Wishes,
Mandy Zadoorian
Blog URL: http://improvelife4ever.blogspot.com

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