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Val Silver's Inspirational Story

by Val
(New York, USA)

Val from Holistic-Mindbody-Healing.com is someone who, un-surprisingly, has a passion for holistic healing. And she shares her passion in her inspirational story below. A story that can be summed up by these words of hers: "As we heal ourselves we heal the world."

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

I got to where I am today by a lot of trial and error! I've had emotional and physical challenges. Thankfully, I'm the kind of person who doesn't give up easily so I could pull myself back up and move on, hopefully a bit wiser.

Probably my biggest struggle was getting divorced from someone I loved when I had two small children. We were in a new location and I had no job so the whole thing was very scary and overwhelming. The struggles I dread most right now are the inevitable (and hopefully far off) losses of my parents and precious French bulldog.

2) Tell us what's in your happiness list

It doesn't take anything fancy to make me happy. I love seeing sunsets over the lake, flowers, and free animals living their lives. My little Frenchie (bulldog) gives me great joy. So does spending time with my family. I love learning and sharing what I learn with others. I gave up the idea of a 'destination' a long time ago; I love the journey, instead!

3) Share a favourite inspirational quotation

I have lots of favourite quotations, but this one is mine (gleaned from the wisdom of others):
"I believe there are many paths to wellness and that all healing is self-healing. We are all one. As we heal ourselves we heal the world."

We can only give to the world who we are and what we have. If we want peace and joy for the world, it has to start within ourselves.

I believe that happy, healed people who take responsibility for their wellness and their lives share that energy naturally with the world with fewer negatives to project onto others. It also frees us and others from unrealistic expectations. It's easier to go with the flow of life.

4) Share a favourite web site (not your own)

I like http://www.mercola.com. Dr. Mercola isn't afraid to take a stand about corrupt and ludicrous health care practices. He shines a light on wellness thought leaders and processes that are effective, leading edge, and as accurate as we understand them to be at this time.

And he includes some fun stuff in his newsletters as well.

5) Tell us about your blog/website

My web site is http://www.holistic-mindbody-healing.com .

I created it as a place to share leading edge wellness information and techniques with people who are ready to make some real changes in the way they approach their health and wellness.

It's for people who want to understand how the mind and body are one and how each naturally affects the other. When you understand this, you can take responsibility for your well-being with holistic self-care.

I really enjoy doing the research and writing for my web site. And this has been a passion of mine for many years.

I hope that many people will use the site as a trustworthy resource for their wellness journey.

I hope they will become active participants on the site.

Thank you,

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Mar 18, 2010
Really true
by: Pearl

Reading your inspirational story has actually given me a new zeal to give to the children and work harder than before on my foundation. May you continue to heal the wounds of many injured people. Thank you

Mar 15, 2010
The Journey So Far...
by: Steve

Thanks, Val, for sharing your passion and wisdom in this interview.

And I love your inspirational quote, especially the part about healing ourselves being the same as healing the world!

It's great to share your journey so far - thanks.


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