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The Search for Happiness

by Reon Revenezis

I always thought that every action a person does has a reason. Even if the action is good or bad, everything is for the sake of a simple reason: Happiness.

Aristotle once said ''Happiness is the ultimate goal of every man''.

As a child we play, then go to school.

As a teenager we find our roles, friends and relationships.

As we grow older we'll find work and create a family.

We will continue to search for what we want as we grow older, and we'll never be content on how we are right now, we'll always continue to move forward. Why is that? Because we want to be happy, and real happiness is hard to find. We can feel happy right now for the smallest reasons but it will not last forever, we will always search for a new reason to feel happy.

And that is why, humans live their life in order to search for their own happiness.

We all have our meaning of happiness, so for me, I'll continue to search for it in my journey in life.

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Mar 19, 2013
A reply to Mr. Steve
by: Reon Revenezis

Thank you for your comment. I learn a lot as I read other people's opinions. Yes, you are right. People always take things for granted.

They forget the very small thing that makes them happy and only remember the sad and painful ones.

Sometimes, searching for things doesn't necessarily mean you'll eventually find it. Sometimes happiness just comes to you. And the sad thing is that, people doesn't notice it the moment it arrives, they only notice it when it's gone.

For me though, I think it's better if you keep on searching for happiness while waiting for it to come.

Be patient. Don't overlook things. Don't take anything for granted. Appreciate everything. Even the simplest thing can make anyone happy, sometimes it just doesn't have to be grand.

Mar 18, 2013
by: Steve

Thanks for your thoughts...

The funny thing is, Reon, the very act of searching for happiness brings unhappiness!

I've come to believe that 'happiness' is all around us, in each and every moment, should we choose to be present to it, should we choose to allow it into our lives.

But we don't. Instead, we think of 'this' (situation) or 'that' (person) and we don't like our thoughts - we (foolishly) wish it weren't so - and thus happiness eludes us!

It's only when we stop searching (for happiness), that we find it. (Think to the last time you were truly happy! You just noticed it, didn't you - it snuck up on you, before you could find reasons why you shouldn't be happy!!)

Don't you just love paradoxes, huh!


PS I'm discovering more and more that happiness is, actually, our birthright. I've always believed this, at some level, but Michael Neill's Supercoach website has helped my understanding a great deal...

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