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The Power in Positive Thinking

by Sarah Williams
(Berlin, Germany)

Being truly happy begins by emptying ourselves of self. Funny way to say it, but it’s true.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived long enough to realize that I can really screw things up if I set my mind to it. In fact, I don’t even need to try. I screw things up naturally. Our problem with “self” is rooted in our strong tendency for self-protection and self-gratification. It’s that “natural” instinct that prevents us from seeing ourselves, our circumstances, and our possibilities.

The Moment of Truth

For much of my life, I focused on myself , my hurts, my desires, and my comfort. Overtime, I spiraled down into a deep depression. Neither my family nor my friends could help me. Eventually, I came to a place of utter helplessness – a place that was dark, lonely, and miserable.

One day I was alone, ruminating on negative thoughts and wallowing in self-pity. Suddenly, I had one of those “wise moments.” It seemed like a veil was lifted, and I could finally see things clearly. At that moment, that amazing moment, I realized the problem. The problem was me – my negative thought and my disconnection from the presence.

That was it. From that point forward, I refused to give in to self-pity and negative thinking. Honestly, those two things had been my favorite companions for many years.

I refused to allow self-pity and negative thoughts to occupy any space in my head. They were of no use to me at all. They only brought pain and discouragement. Instead, I turned to God and started to believe in the power of positive thinking.

Today, I let my thoughts, actions, and will reflect my positive attitude towards the world around me. Thankfully, I am no longer overly restless, troubled, worried, self-absorbed, or depressed.

It’s amazing what a simple truth can do for your life, if you believe. In the following blog posts, I’ll begin to show you some of the primary decisions I made that changed my life. Ones that I still apply to this day.

About the Author:
I'm Sarah Williams.I'm a freelance writer that is passionate about self-development. I share my thoughts on Wingman Magazine . After all, I'm just a hopeless romantic trying to figure it all out

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