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The Beginning of The End or the Start of Something New?

by Bob
(United States)

An emotional roller-coaster ride where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong - including losing your wife and getting her back only to lose her again, losing your family, losing your house, surviving cancer, losing your job.

It was a testing time, indeed...

(STORY THEME: Personal Development)

...September, 2008 was the beginning of the end for me (or when I realized there was a serious problem).

My wife left me because I wasn't there for her emotionally, and she started an intimate relationship with another man (believe it or not, my best man).

Still, after careful consideration I decided I didn't want to take the easy way out and get a divorce. I felt if God can forgive me for my sins and forgive hers then why can't I forgive her, too.

We got back together.

We even got to the point where we were found a house to rent - our old house had got foreclosed on, because I had cancer a year earlier, and the health costs ran our account dry.

But in a moment of weakness I went and got a OWI (a drink-driving offence) by smashing my vehicle into 3 other cars. Well needless to say that made things much worse and I lost my job - yes, I was a commercial driver!

My wife couldn't afford our new place on her salary. So we ended up staying at different residences. At the same time my daughters from a previous marriage never returned home - after visiting their mother.

And now my wife is filing for a divorce, I have to live with my sister for the lack of work in Michigan. I haven't seen my daughters since Thanksgiving of '08.

Looking back now I can see I was a very selfish person and not able to open up to my wife.

I'm on a journey now to rebuild my life and I pray to get my family back.

But regardless of if I get my family back I need to change many aspects of my life. I'm starting on my self-esteem and spirituality. My work skills are useless in Michigan - construction and driver (lost my license) - so I need to find a school I can get financed at (with no job). And start looking into a new profession.

All this at 42 years young.

I've lost everything I love and care about, but my faith in God's promise keeps me getting out of bed in the morning and not drinking any longer (3 months now).

Learning self-discipline and getting a positive attitude is high on my priority list now.

I am grateful for my life and the short time I had with my family (13 years).

I'm grateful that God has shown mercy on me and spared my life from cancer and my auto accident.

I'm grateful to have an opportunity to turn my life around.


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Apr 19, 2011
by: Andy

Wishing you all the best my friend. English people complain about the government (including me) but I think we have it easier than Americans - I can't believe that America has a system where people can sue left, right and centre for the most ridiculous things but doesn't look after people when they need it most - still I'm glad you are able to live with your sister.

Keep the faith and do the best you can.

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