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Thanx to my friends for not leaving me dead

by Hayley
(Texas, USA)

I was 13 when my Dad left us for stupid stuff, and because he was spending all of my Mom's (the money maker of the house) money. After that it was just me and my Mom.

I know it should be my Mom that should've done what I was doing, going into a gray state of depression that was literally eating me alive. I ate only one to two meals a day and it made me lose a lot of weight.

It was summer, so I had a lot of time on my hands. But my whole life was centered around that one couch. I slept there. I spent all of my days on it and the only reason I got up was to make a TV dinner, go pee or clean up.

About two weeks into summer my friends started wandering if I was ok because I was never outside exercising which was really not like me. So one day they came in to check on me. They were shocked when they saw how thin I was and made me get up to look in the mirror. They were so right I looked anerexic (I dnt know how to spell that well im only thirteen) and I freaked myself out.

I should have listened to my Mom when she was trying to help me.

I realized I was doing this over a man that now meant absolutely NOTHING to me, and I was just feeling sorry for myself. If my friends hadn't made me get up and start eating right I would probably be dead from making myself that thin. So thanx to my friends and my Mom...


Please note that I decided to only make minor edits to this story so that it kept its 'youth'.

And thank you Hayley for sharing a story that could well explain the beginning of many young people's eating disorders. I sense, though, that your story is not over yet...

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Nov 20, 2009
God Has A Plan For Your
by: Bill Whetstone

You were much younger than I was but we both share deep scars from our Dads. All humans are imperfect and only God can see the perfection in us. When I accepted God's forgiveness of Me, I was able to forgive my Dad. I pray this for you.
God Bless

Oct 04, 2009
Haley is so strong!
by: Houseonahillorg

SUPER brave story. I am so glad for your triumph, for your friends and for you deciding to share.

Best wishes xoxo

Jul 30, 2009
Thanks, Hayley
by: brittani

Hi Hayley im 13 too o i know how it feels. i have done many thngs i wish i cold take back but you cant. i think your story really helped me alot thank you so much, and guys are dumb! i wish i could lose weight but still be healthy. kay well thank you=)

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