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All principles can have exceptions, however...
  • If you recognise that you are the average of the five people you choose to be with the most;
  • if you understand that your habits create your future;
  • if you live and work in a supportive environment, then...

Then you will be nurturing your own success! At least this is according to Maurine Patten (see my video below).

And, as there is no real recipe for success, nor is there just one set of success secrets, Jack Canfield shares a little of his success wisdom in his YouTube video below too. Let's not hang about then...



Principles Of Success

What I say...

Maurine's wisdom that I summarise in the video below is easy to digest, but I think it contains some powerful (and maybe uncomfortable) lessons for all of us looking to be more successful.

I will re-revisit this page lots of times, I think, if only so I can continually ask myself these questions:

  1. Who are the five people I choose to be with?
  2. What new habits can I start today?
  3. What new ideas do I want to check out this week?
  4. (Why do I keep asking myself questions? Ahem! )

Great stuff, indeed.

Imagine asking yourself these questions each and every week.
Imagine deciding to not hang out with somebody who you think drags you down. Imagine seeking out more positive, focussed individuals instead. You see - this might be uncomfortable to do, but it would enable you to be more successful.

Perhaps that is also a success principle:  DOING  WHAT  IT  TAKES!

And not all of us can do what it takes, which is fine just as long as we recognize this trait in ourselves. I'll stop talking here and share Jack Canfield's and Maurine's wisdom with you in video form, below...



What Jack Canfield says...

Jack Canfield, author of 50 best-selling books including The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, talks about his life and the principles of success that he has relied on to become the success that he is today. Jack worked hard for his success, make no mistake, showing each and everyone one of us that we can work (hard) for success too! Great stuff...


(By the way, Jack's principles of success can be summarised thus: Take responsibility for your life; Set goals and manage time; Invest in developing knowledge and core skills; Face up to what isn't working and stay motivated; Focus on your unique abilities; Transcend other people's limiting opinions, and more.)

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What Maurine Patten says...



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