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Stress Management Tips

by Steve M Nash

Stress management tips - what Readers Digest Magazine has to say...

This is not really about how it all went wrong, but how to avoid getting angry in the first place a la Reader's Digest...

Reader's Digest has 37 - count them! - 37 stress management tips to help you with your anger and stress management issues. Now I'm not sure you have that many issues, so I'll just include 5 stress management tips here.

And you can visit the Reader's Digest website if you want to find out more.

Okay, so this is what Reader's Digest has to say about stress management tips:

  • Tip 5: Say Cheese
    "Smiling is a two-way mechanism. We do it when we're relaxed and happy, but doing it can also make us feel relaxed and happy." :-)

  • Tip 11: Put It on Paper
    "Writing provides perspective ... On the left side, list the stressors, you may be able to change, and on the right, list the ones you can't." Then, quite simply change what you can and stop worrying about what you can't

  • Tip 13: Switch to Decaf
    Weane yourself off caffeine (slowly) by drinking decaffeinated coffee or caffeine free tea (Roibosch).

  • Tip 22: Get horizontal
    Ahem, and this does mean what it sounds like. Yes, have sex and "make a date with your mate". :-)

  • Tip 26: Take a Walk
    Ah, this is my favourite stress management tip - going for a nice walk. So much more fun that getting horizontal! Lol

And you can check out this Stress Management Tips page @ SelfHelpCollective.com

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