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Steve's Personal Goal is Peace of Mind

by Steve M Nash
(Yorkshire, England)

Hmm, this setting personal goals was not easy at all! In fact it took me ages to come up with these smart goals below, with reasons why, but at least they'll last until the end of 2009. And then I'll have to start again...

Anyway, in order of importance my personal goals are:

1. Practice Peace of Mind
Specifically, this includes meditating three times a day; thinking thoughts that feel good; and allowing myself to have fears, but not to get attached to them like I usually do.

Why? Because as Gerald G. Jampolsky says in his outstanding book Love is Letting Go of Fear, having peace of mind is so much better than experiencing conflict! (And who can disagree with that?)

I'll summarise my other personal goals...

2. Be Fit and Healthy
Meaning run, swim, walk and do circuit training every week and complete 5 Fell races

3. Have Fun
Yes, I am somebody who needs to set 'having fun' as a goal. Enough said.

4. Improve Home
Got various minor DIY projects that I've been thinking about doing for so long. Be much quicker to just do them (or find a man who can!) than to carry on thinking about them.

5. Write goals for 2010/2015/2035
Scarily, it looks like my life may be rather too planned from now on! :-O

Okay, how about you? Do you have a personal goal you'd like to commit to by writing it down for all to see. If so, write your goals here!

Successful goal-setting is about doing the things you have to do and doing them first - e.g. eating the frog. And this requires discipline. (It also requires setting goals you actually want to reach.) To help you do both, then, check out this Hypnosis Downloads resource:

Reach your goals once you've decided on them...

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