"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

So Sad and Scared of Anger

by Anon

I Got So Sad And Scared This Afternoon...

Well... I'm pretty passive myself. In fact, this is about my boyfriend and the anger management help he needs. I'm so worried about him.

I do get angry sometimes, but I'm use to dealing with anger, controlling it. I try to go riding my bike or do some exercise to calm down, but I never explode. I have never done, as a matter of fact. I've been very depressed sometimes -- (I didn't know, but depression's a kind of anger!) -- but that's all.

My sweetie, on the other hand, tends to react violently when anger arises in him. Just a few minutes ago, he called me and told me how angry he was at his younger sister. They started fooling around and playing, but then she got angry and he did as well, but he yelled at her and practically lost it. Then their grandma tried to do something and he almost hit her...

He was very sad when telling me this. I was frankly scared, but I obviously didn't tell him that. Instead, I told him to try to calm down a little and think about how much he loves them, so that he could ask them for forgiveness. But he told me the more he thought of how much he loves them, the worse he feels, since he hurt them.

I really feel sad about it. I don't understand his situation at all, because I don't get angry like this. But this is the most shocking anger story I've ever known about. Of course I know lots of stories, but none of them had happened to a person dear to me.

I think anger can become quite dangerous. It's like... blinding. I mean, he's a sweet guy when he's calm, but I know he can be very violent if angry. It's a sad thing, I believe.

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