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Sharif Ali's Inspirational Story

by Sharif Ali
(Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

Sharif is a big fan of the film, The Secret, but his experiences in manifesting the life that he desired didn't always turn out how he expected. He's now much more interested in the power within us all, and harnessing his own 'power within' has helped him get past big difficulties in life, as you'll discover in Sharif's inspirational story...

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sharif Ali, and I am an author, website owner, and big fan of self-help material. Right now I am enjoying a comfortable life abroad in Brazil with my wife and four children. Things were not so easy for me though, even as recently as two years ago...

To start off, I was introduced to the 'potential power' within a few years ago when the film The Secret came out. I was intrigued by the implications and possibilities brought up in that movie and other films/books such as What the Bleep Do We Know. I started embarking on a spiritual journey that gave meaning to a life filled with questions that no one could answer.

Without really knowing much about the process of manifesting other than the gloss over covered in The Secret I set about creating my reality. To say the least things didn't work out exactly as planned BUT they ultimately worked out!

I hit a low point for my life where I was not making enough money to take care of my family and things were starting to get scary. Nothing I did seemed to work and I was really frustrated and did not know what to do. Around this time I was introduced to positive, prosperous thinking and started to attract people into my life including my mentor, and Godfather to my children, who helped me better myself.

Everything took off from there and I have been on a fast track to accomplishing my goals! The author Neville Goddard had a tremendous influence on my mindset. Neville helped to reveal the true, powerful meaning behind the mythology of the Bible. I would recommend all books by him.

Now I am experiencing success and living a comfortable lifestyle with my family in Brazil. In the next five years I see us living half the year in Hawaii and half in Brazil. I have a few business ideas that I see taking off and allowing us travel the world freely and live completely on my own terms.

2) Tell us about the joy that is in your life

To me happiness is being able to enjoy time spent with my wife and children. All of our children are at ages where they still want their parents to be around them.

3) Share a favourite website with us

Aside from Facebook (just kidding!)... This site is awesome! http://www.nevillelecturehall.com It has a huge archive of Neville Goddard lectures in written format. I have found the information to be extremely enlightening and self-empowering. The site also has rare Neville Goddard audio lectures for sale as well.

4) Tell us about your blog/website

My website, www.40DayMasterSystem.com was created to help people unleash the power within them by helping people to connect to their Source.

This Incredible Life Changing System has Self Hypnosis Statements recorded in the Brainwave Frequency where your Subconscious Mind is most open to suggestion. The ebook explains in a detailed, straight-forward way exactly how and why this system works. Instructions are included as well as the mp3 audio files. Once completing this program you will be a New Person.

The 40 Day Master System was designed to aid in the spiritual awakening of mankind and help people tap into their incredible potential.

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