"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

Self-Confidence Through Recovery

by Clay
(Georgia, USA)

When I was a kid I always felt just a bit different to my peers. I saw the kids who stood on the sidelines and never participated. I saw how they were chastised by others and did NOT want to be like them. So I quickly learned how to fake it. I learned to act like I understood what was going on.

Now, in my experience, some people are born alcoholic based on some anomaly in brain chemistry or genetics or... something. I am one of those people.

My Story Begins...

When I was about 14 one of my friends had a bottle of blended whiskey. I'm not sure where it came from but he and I made sure to polish it off. When that booze hit my belly I knew something was different. I felt like I had found the answer to all my problems.

I ran with the party crowd through high school and really learned to drink in college. Somehow I graduated and found a job, working on a golf course, which allowed me to drink.

Over the years my drinking became more intense. I destroyed relationships and even ran off my drinking buddies because even the heaviest of drinkers among them couldn't drink like I could.

At age 35 I was hopeless, lonely and broken. In a state us utter despair I cried out to a God who I did not believe in. To my astonishment he answered me and told me it was time to put down the bottle. That week I entered an addiction treatment center and began the difficult road toward recovery.

Since getting sober I have gained a level of confidence that is hard to explain. Despair has been replaced by hope. Anger has been replaced by compassion. Selfishness has been replaced by empathy.

In sobriety have been able to do a few important things...

1. Fix many broken relationships from the past;

2. Seek out and build a relationship with my birth family (I was adopted as a baby);

3. Start a small consulting business;

4. Become a better father to my daughter;

5. See value in myself and others;

6. Have healthy, adult relationships with people;

7. Become a better servant of my Higher Power;

8. Tell my story of hope without the least bit of doubt or fear in hopes of showing other struggling alcoholics that they can find peace as well.

I' m no longer that awkward kid. I'm now a man who sees abundance and grace in even the most difficult of situations. I look forward to life's challenges and will face them with confidence and faith... by the grace of God.

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