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Helping yourself helps others!

And whether you want to call that process self-help, or personal development and or even self-improvement, I'll leave that to you. The aims are the same. (Or they should be.)

So, how to help yourself? Well, you'll find links to free resources like quotes, books (including the best personal development book?), tips, websites, articles and even a list of popular authors.

Yes, it's self-help information all aimed at boosting your self motivation and helping you to help yourself! Self growth writ large, I guess. So let's get on with it, shall we...

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I guess we're all beginners in the game of life, really.


What is Self Help Anyway?

What says...

Well, this is what you'll find on this website - all things self-help, as edited by me:



"Boost your brain and read inspiring books." That's what Elaine Sihera says, anyway, when it comes to self growth...

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Find tips like helping others is the first step to helping yourself... And Rasheed Ali has some much better self help information also...

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Bill Urell's 'Self-sabotaging and Self-defeating Behaviors: 8 Tips to Stopping' pulls no punches! And neither do I - see personal audit...

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Are you a serial self-sabotager? Why not take Debby Ford's self sabotage quiz to find out. Reprinted with permission...

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Rely on yourself. Then learn from others like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Richard Carlson, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy etc...

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How many self help websites does it take to change a lightbulb? Hee. Find reviews of the best free self sites (and forums) here...

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How happy is the world, and how happy are you? Find out here, via surveys from the BBC, and others. I share MY survey too...

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Find a personal review of my favourite motivational books - the best self-help books I've EVER read, you might say...

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Dave Sprooth's thoughts on self help audio focusses specifically on choosing subliminal CDs or MP3s. I share about kinds of audio...

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"Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."
-- Carrie Fisher

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Want to know what's new at - then read our Self Help Blog! It keeps you up-to-date with everything new...

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Find carefully selected resources as featured on this website. What I consider to be the BEST, most helpful information on this site...

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Brief self hypnosis guide explains why self hypnosis is a safe, powerful way to reprogram your mind. Great for esteem issues...
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New year resolutions come round, er, every year it seems. And so do the excuses. Top 10 resolutions (& excuses) listed here...

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What Else I say...

It's important to understand that just because information is free doesn't mean it's not helpful. Conversely, just because you pay for information doesn't mean it's useful.

Selfhelp, as some of you like to call it, can help effect positive personal change - it just has to be the right kind of self help information for you, that's all! AND you need to take actions accordingly.

New Year Resolutions & Self-help?...

So, let me ask you a question: What do the ten most popular new year's resolutions have to do with that dreaded phrase 'self help'?

Here are those common new year resolutions:

01. Lose weight, and get in better physical shape
02. Stick to a budget
03. Reduce debt
04. Enjoy more quality time with family and friends
05. Find my soul mate
06. Quit smoking (Hypnotise yourself to stop?)
07. Find a better job
08. Learn something new - build a web business
09. Volunteer and help others
10. Get organized


Well, to me, it's a recipe for self-help, don't you think! Either it's how to solve a problem (e.g. debt, smoking) or it's how to make your life better (e.g. love-life, job). This list, in essence, is about self-motivation and self growth - don't you think?

And, thankfully, you don't have to wait until New Year to start improving yourself! You could start right now by reading the best articles listed at this site.


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