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"Boost your brain and read inspiring books."

That's what Elaine Sihera says, anyway, when it comes to self development.

Those words of wisdom are contained in her piece called, " 3 Keys to Guaranteed Self-Growth" (see video below).

  • Elaine also considers emphasizing your strengths, and setting realistic goals to be vital for your self development / improvement

  • And I share my views (in text and video form)

So see what you think about Elaine's free self help information below and get in touch with your opinions, whether you agree or disagree - thanks. Better still, you could share your story with us, as many have already done!



3 Keys to Guaranteed Self-Growth

What I say...

Listen! When Elaine Sihera speaks I, er, listen! At least when it comes to self-help, anyway.

Whether Elaine's talking about happiness or confidence or self growth - if it's good enough for her, then it's good enough for me! Elaine knows what she's talking about and has a great way of explaining things - so I recommend you devour her personal development wisdom fully.

As for my own self growth, it has come about latterly from challenging my fear:

  1. I wrote a novel in 2007. (It hasn't been published, yet, but that's not the point! Ahem.)

  2. I started a brand new website, this one - the Self Help Collective, in 2008 after a long hard look at myself: my passions and interests, and the sort of work that I now wanted to do

  3. (And I've just spent every last penny in my existing business - $thousands - in order to develop and invest in it (and myself); to enable me to become a transformative coach in 2014 - Steve, April, 2013)

Each time I could easily have told myself that the time wasn't 'right' - not enough experience, not enough money, not enough 'something else'... But I didn't, I made space and - cliched as it sounds on a personal growth website - I took action!

I still have a long way to go to counter my fear, though. I still seem strangely reluctant to try and find a publisher for my novel some years after its completion. Still, I know anything is possible if you believe it to be true and you take action.

So my tip for self-growth:

be aware of your fears
AND challenge them!

What's your self growth strategy? How are you approaching your own self improvement? Why not share your story with us, as many have already done!

Whatever your progress right now, do let me know about your own strategies! Thanks.



What Elaine Sihera says...



NOTE: ELAINE SIHERA is a Personal Empowerment, Relationships and Diversity Consultant. Author of: 10 Easy Steps to Growing Older Disgracefully; 10 Easy Steps to Finding Your Ideal Soulmate!; Money, Sex & Compromise and Managing the Diversity Maze, among others (available on Amazon UK & as well as her personal website)

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