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Be kind to yourself, try new things and STOP being a perfectionist!

These are the kind of activities that are included here for you. And this page is for the people in your life, also - your family and your friends. (Because if you're kind to yourself, chances are you're going to be kind to the people in your life too, etc.)

  • We have another contribution from CK* who shares many commonsensical self esteem building activities.

  • You'll find links to other sites offering free self esteem worksheets (and you can pay for more should you wish).

  • You'll also find links and ideas about self esteem games - so you can make building self esteem fun!

  • Lastly, you'll find some excellent insights into self esteem building activities, via Dr Louise Hart's YouTube video.

Do let us know what you think, eh!


Self esteem activities - what I say...

I must say that I am somewhat humbled by what others say on the subject of self esteem activities - today, anyway. And that's mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. The free self esteem building activities that are described below (by CK*) are just so simple and so commonsense - AND so powerful!

  2. The cost of low self esteem is so high, so damaging (esp. the perfectionist - as described in Dr Louise Hart's YouTube video - who finds no joy in life, as they're too busy finding fault).

So, for example, listing your positive attributes, as CK* suggests, instead of always focussing on your negative attributes... Well, can you see what a difference that's going to make to your life - having gratitude for what you have, rather than misery for what you do not have.

Another example is having unrealistic expectations in life
. Can you see how you're setting yourself up for failure by asking from others (and yourself) what they (you) cannot realistically expect to give?

And this type of perfectionism is just one symptom of low self esteem.

But, like the non-perfectionist I intend to be from now on, that's enough for me to be getting on with... to STOP being the perfectionist!

Note: CK* also mentions 2 websites below that you might like to check out for both self esteem games and free self esteem worksheets - should you want more self esteem activities than are discussed here...



Free Self Esteem Activities Can Help People of All Ages

Self esteem activities - what CK* has to say...

The free self esteem activities available online can be used to help children understand how to improve their self-confidence and self-worth. Other activities can be used by adults in or out of the business world.

The internet is a wonderful source of free information and sample programs. When it comes to building self-esteem or improving your self-image, the first step is learning to like who you are. With practice, you should eventually be able to love who you are.

You might start by listing your positive attributes. Most people start with the way that they look. Sometimes we focus too much on the things that we don't like about ourselves. Try for a few minutes to focus on what you do like. If you are having trouble, ask a friend or relative for help.

Television and commercials provide unrealistic examples of how people should look. Models are very skinny. Their complexions look perfect, because of all the makeup they wear (and, in many cases, because their images are electronically altered and 'improved' with clever software - e.g. Photoshop).

These unrealistic role models cause many kids to have negative self-images. Girls are particularly likely to have poor and unrealistic body images. If not addressed early, body image issues can lead to eating disorders like anorexia. Self esteem building activities and self esteem games for kids can help.

2. Keeping a journal
can be used to express your feelings, no matter your age. If your feelings of self-worth are low, try to write an entry every day. The following format is one that is frequently recommended:

  • Write about any of the negative things that happened today and describe how they made you feel

  • Write about all of the positive things that happened, no matter how small; a flower blooming outside your window, a beautiful sunset, the smell of rain, etc.

  • Write a few sentences about the things you are thankful for; good health, good friends, family, etc.

After a few weeks of journalizing, most people start to look for and focus on the positive things. This not only improves their outlook on life, but also their sense of self-worth.

To improve your confidence, you need to 3. try new things. You might join a club, do some volunteer work or take a class. Sports can be great for building confidence. Regardless of your current fitness level, you can participate in a sport. Regular physical activity of any kind will improve your mood and if you really do need to lose some weight, it will help with that, too.

A variety of free self esteem worksheets are available at HumanityQuest and SelfEsteem2go. currently lists 26 good ideas for creative activities geared towards building confidence and self-esteem. (And offer 40 different worksheets, questionnaires, lesson plans, tests and quizzes in its ebook called You Are A Giant costing just $19.95.)

Writing a skit (or comic performance) about the subject, making a collage and 4. taking photographs of things you like are among the suggestions. Like most authors, both HumanityQuest and SelfEsteem2Go both recommend journalizing, too.

Having goals can improve your confidence levels. If your goals are realistic and achievable, each time that you achieve one of them, you will feel your confidence levels rising. And participating in more free self esteem activities could be one goal that is easy to achieve.

* CK is an anonymous member of the Self Help Collective and a person (or persons!) who I like to think sums up the collective wisdom of all of us. Just in case you were interested!

Self esteem activities - what YouTube says...

Dr Louise Hart recorded several videos based loosely around self esteem building activities. The videos are focussed on improving self esteem in the family, but they can easily be applied to the individual I believe.

So in this video, perfectionism is discussed. And Dr Hart says that:

"A perfectionist is someone who takes
great pains and gives them to others"

Then she goes on to say that a perfectionist is always looking for something wrong. And, guess what, what you look for you find... (The video last 8min,18s.)

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