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Self confidence - yet not arrogant.

by Mercy Adeyanju Mabwe
(Georgia, USA)

Mercy's 'inspirational story' encourages us to look at ourselves, at our self-confidence, and to work on improving it whilst in the process improving the confidence of others in our lives. This way we can encourage others to live their own inspirational stories, too...

(STORY THEME: Confidence)

At some point in our lives we experience low confidence or a lack of confidence, and this can be in many areas. It could affect our body image, our ability to speak with confidence, or our relationships with others, etc.

It is my opinion, though, that self confidence is about loving yourself (or self-love). Yes, we can be our worst critics but let us also be our best supporters. And let us encourage ourselves and others too - helping them to boost their self confidence.

So, self confidence for me is finding a place of contentment and fulfillment, and learning to celebrate yourself, and your achievements "great or small", every day without being arrogant.

So take opportunities that would expose you to unfamiliar experiences, causing you to learn more; think out of the box.

I can certainly say I am not where I was 10 or even 5 years ago and my self-confidence has been strengthened and built up by encouraging myself, attempting new skills, learning and mastering these new skills and teaching others in turn. (That's solid confidence).

Chances are that we are bound to identify others struggling with similar struggles that we have been through. So boost these people, yes!, and tell them they look good today; tell 'em what a great job they're doing, give them some tips, boost their self esteem... For you are strengthening your own self-esteem in the process.

Watch out for overconfidence and pride, though, as you cultivate your self confidence. But always remember that a self confident person, in my opinion, will leave a great impact on so many peoples's lives.

So confident, yet not arrogant - that's what I say!

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Oct 03, 2010
Great stuff, Mercy!
by: Steve

Thanks for your interesting thoughts, Mercy. You always have great contributions to make, always asking us (rightly) to look to ourselves...


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