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"How To Find Answers To YOUR Relationship Problems!"


Want to know the 'secret' to truly great relationships, where no-one 'loses' themselves, nobody is controlled or controlling, where you simply have a lot of fun?

No matter if you have to end one relationship to start another, no matter whether it's about learning to trust in a relationship, no matter whether you usually find yourself in controlling relationships. No matter anything, really.


  • Imagine being unafraid to BE YOU...

  • Imagine what it would be like knowing that it's impossible for you to fail...

  • Now imagine being this way in a romantic relationship; knowing that you trust yourself enough to be able to deal with any 'problem' that could arise, and any outcome too...

Don't you think that good relationships would become great ones, bad relationships would end, and new relationships would be the right relationships, don't you?...




"The Top 10 Relationship Questions... Answered" ebook written by me, Steve M Nash (editor of Your questions answered about long distance relationships, sex in relationships, when to break up (and more!) - answered in a way that helps you help yourself...

"Thank you Steve, for this added clarity... you have an
ability to say things with sensitivity and wisdom

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What You Get...

  • Top 10 relationship questions answered (see below)

  • Real people's questions used in full, as examples

  • Each answer includes:
    - Inspiring (and related) quote about relationships
    - The 'issues' raised
    - At least ONE practical response
    - The REAL question to ask yourself
    - And much more...
  • Answers encourage you to FIND YOUR ANSWERS

  • Quick to read - just 49 pages in Adobe PDF format
  • (And you won't believe how affordable this ebook is, too - less than $27)

This ebook is guaranteed to help you find YOUR wisdom for YOUR relationship(s) or you can ask for your money back (30-day money back guarantee!)



So What Are The Top 10 Relationship Questions, Then
& How Can My Answers Help You & Your Relationship?...


Well, the first part of that question is easy to answer.

The most popular love and relationships questions - based on the 80+ published questions asked at the relationship advice forum between Sept 2011 and Sept 2012, and on research I did on other relationships-related websites - are these:

Top 10 Questions

1. Are they interested in me?

2. Why won't they commit to me?

3. How do I deal with controlling relationships?

4. Why don't they trust me?

5. How far should I travel for love?

6. How can I get them to...?

7. How important IS sex in a relationships?

8. How do I learn to trust again?

9. Why do we keep breaking up?

10. Should I leave them?

How Will Answering These Questions Help You?

Now you may be thinking that some of these relationship questions are not relevant to your particular relationship. And that would be a mistake. Because all of my answers in the book have been written specifically to HELP YOU LISTEN TO YOUR OWN WISDOM; all will help you gain clarity in your current or future relationships.

These top 10 questions, answered, WILL help you gain insights into your relationship!

And that's why I've compiled my answers to the top 10 relationship questions, and included them in an PDF ebook of the same name.

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Why Buy The Top 10 Relationship Questions Ebook?...


Great question. And here's my answer. In this ebook you will find...

    • Everyday relationship problems explained
    • Practical solutions you can put into practice today
    • No special techniques to learn - just be yourself*

And my ebook will actively encourage you to help yourself by understanding your own issues; by becoming more aware of your flawed, wonderful and definitely okay self; by naturally taking responsibility for your own behaviours.

* A note on being yourself! Being yourself doesn't mean being fearful, or manipulative or insecure, because that's how you see yourself. No, being yourself means fully expressing who you are, knowing you are enough whatever happens!

Ultimately, it will help you better understand your relationships - past, present (and future).

And that's because, fundamentally, what usually goes wrong in relationships (for oh so many reasons) is this...

"Problems in relationships occur because each person is
concentrating on what is missing in the other person."

– Wayne Dyer


And using the wisdom of many, as my ebook does, helps you to trust yourself more, helps you find your own answers.

But not only that...



Get BONUS Relationship Reading

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"Great and to the point with no fluff! POW! That means it was effective" – Dwana De La Cerna

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10 "Rules" of Relationships by Steve M Nash – Why relationships go wrong, & what you can do to make any relationship better!

  • Tells it like it is!
  • Wisdom-inspiring
  • Helps you find your own answers
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About The Author...

Steve M NashMy name's Steve M Nash, and I founded guru-free self-help site, in 2008. And ever since then I've actively encouraged 100s of thousands of site visitors, newsletter subscribers and viewers of my videos to listen to the "answer within".

And I've successfully answered over 100 relationship questions asked here at Self Help Collective, in our 'Relationship Advice Forum'.

"Hi Steve!... I really love your "guru-free" ideals... You structure your [words] in such a positive manner, so that it's not about [problems] but about the celebration of our own individual potential. It's a wonderful message!" – Dr Lam Huynh (PhD in clinical psychology)

I'm no "relationship guru", though.

I just know the answers lie within.

And I know how to get people to listen to those answers. And I created the Top 10 Relationship Questions ebook in 2013, for you to do just that, too: to find your own relationship answers.


Frequently Asked Questions...


1. What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

Download the ebook, and if you don't get value from what you read, if you don't believe it's helped you find your own answers - whether it's long a distance relationship that you're wondering about or just plain creating your own healthy relationship - then I'll give you your money back no questions asked within the first 30 days of your purchase.


2. Will my relationship(s) get magically better once I've bought and downloaded a copy of my ebook?

Hey, it might do. And then again it might not. It all depends on you, here. There are no magic answers in this world, or in relationships, just common-sense wisdom applied as best you can - that's what always makes a difference, after all.

And that's what's on offer here - access to your common-sense innate wisdom - as it relates to your relationship(s)




"Top 10 Relationship Questions... Answered!" – Get Your Copy Here!

"Steve I love your advice, you really do say things in a great way."

  • Top 10 questions answered
  • Everyday problems... created with you in mind
  • Practical actions to take, no techniques to learn
  • Find your own answers
  • Digital download (no shipping/handling fees)

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10 "Rules" of Relationships
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PS To be clear, this is not relationship advice I'm offering you.

Instead, it's answers to the most popular relationship questions faced by men and women alike, designed to encourage you to FIND YOUR OWN ANSWERS for YOUR relationship(s).

So I encourage you to get your copy of "The Top 10 Relationship Questions... Answered" right now. Your order is risk-free - I'll give you your money back no questions asked, should you decide this purchase has not helped you access your own relationship wisdom!