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Actually, is there really only ONE success recipe?

  • Well, you'll find out when you listen to Steven Gillman's 'A Success Recipe' wisdom (via my video - see below), I guess.
  • Plus, as ever, I give my opinion about this 'fabled beast' too. And ask you to share yours. So let's get to it, eh!...

But, first, the short answer to my rhetorical question is... No!

But please do read on, won't you?



A Success Recipe

What I say...

So is there a single recipe success? I don't think so.

I do believe in so-called laws of success and I'm sure there are various ingredients to succeeding that could be called a recipe, but I still don't think there is a single one-size-fits-all success recipe.

I think Steven's wisdom (below) offers some great insights into success, though. Particularly, what he has to say about taking advice from other successful people. Steven says that, sometimes, successful people just don't know why they're successful (or, I suggest, they're just not that good at 'sharing'). And this is why, ultimately, trusting your instinct is an important part of any person's success.

(Do you wonder how many 'successful' people follow other people's advice - no matter how successful these other people are - when it goes against their own instincts? Very few, I bet.)

So, okay, here are my own success principles - let's see what you make of them, my success recipe:

  1. Trust your own instincts; have your own dreams; do things your way.
  2. Get advice from others, yes, but always refer to 1.
  3. Keep educating yourself. Always.
  4. Persist, believe, and be prepared to make mistakes (think light bulbs and Eddison here!) And, lastly...

  5. Make your own success recipe - it's your life, after all.


I came up with this recipe for success quickly, I admit, but I think it offers a good success recipe, nevertheless, a good collection of success principles - don't you think?

(Sometimes the longer we think about things the more confused we make ourselves. Often, the first ideas that come to our head are enough for us to make a beginning, especially if they come with a 'good feeling'.)


What Steven Gillman says...



NOTE: STEVE GILLMAN shares more wisdom here:

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