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Quotes About Forgiveness

by Steve M Nash
(Brockholes, W Yorkshire, England)

Weekly Wonder Online: 51

Maya Angelou wonders...

"I did then what I knew how to do; when I knew better, I did better."

More Quotes About Forgiveness...
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget."
-- Thomas Szasz

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."
-- Paul Boese

"Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much."
-- Oscar Wilde

"True forgiveness is not an action after the fact, it is an attitude with which you enter each moment."
-- David Ridge

What I Wonder...

Listen to my thoughts about Maya Angelou's quote in the video below...

(NOTE: Yes, *I* wrote any captions you see in this video. It's called self-deprecation, and it's mostly a healthy thing (I think!).)

Interestingly, when I first read Maya Angelous's quote about forgiveness, I really didn't see it as such. It struck me as being an excuse for poor behaviour only. But, as I say in the video, I think it reveals a truth of human behaviour - we can only do to the best of our current abilities, AND...

Well, I also think Maya Angelou's wisdom contains an implicit understanding that we can always know more - know more about ourselves, about others, or even about life (and anyone that tells you they know everything about life - what it means, etc. - is deluded, confused, arrogant, foolish etc...)

As important, though, is the fact that Maya's words allow us to forgive ourselves for when our behaviour could have been better. Those times we...

* Cheated on a partner
* Acted out of spite
* Deliberately hurt someone
* Held ourselves back
* (I'm sure you can think of more!)

I've done all of the above, at one time of my life, and I do not retreat to Maya Angelous's 'forgiveness quote' to excuse my behaviour, but for me to forgive my behaviour and for me to strive to know more, and act 'better' now and in the future.

(As for others forgiving me my 'bad' behaviour, that is up to them. Forgiveness is an act of kindness to the person who forgives, no less, and does not require anything of the person being forgiven.

Also, I think self-forgiveness is probably the most important kind of forgiveness we can engage in.

But I digress...)

Hmm, so Maya Anglou's quote got me thinking. And I decided to assemble more quotes about forgiveness to support my ideas.

But I always want to know what you think, too. Do you agree with my thoughts, that Maya Anglou's inspirational quote is about self-forgivness, AND the understanding that we can know more?

Do you agree with the other inspirational forgiveness quotes?

Or do you just like reading 'schtuff', without engaging with it, until some other distraction comes your way!!

I'd love to know, whatever your views, and however 'engaged' you are with what you read. I've shared here, and I'd like you to share here too...

What YOU wonder?...

Yes, I'd love to know your thoughts on forgiveness or on any of these inspirational quotes about forgiving, I really would (especially Maya Angelou's quote)... You can leave comments below! :-)

Thanks for reading,

Please comment, please have your say - thank you!

Comments for Quotes About Forgiveness

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Jul 15, 2011
I can't believe some of the things I did
by: Sandra

I think this quote in a subtle way speaks of "time". Sometimes it can be difficult to capture "time" and its interplay upon our behaviour and thoughts. I did "THEN" what I knew how to do..." It sounds like she is saying that with experience(as an expression of time) ...when I know more... I'll do better. Of course I can think of some stuff I'm doing now is much worse than what I may have done in the past...mmm.

This quote is one of those that can be reflected upon in different ways. It does sound like an excuse if I use it for justification of some action in the past. I see that too.

But equally if one is not trying to justify anything it could be a reflection of ones state of mind when they weren't "deep" enough to get something. mmm

I think I'll stop now that I realize more...(smile)

May 30, 2013
I like the conception self-forgiveness
by: Anonymous

The stupid never forgive nor forget, the naive forgive and forget, the wise forgive but not forget. I'm the naive one. I easly forget the unpleasant things that happened on me, and forgive the one who did it.

Dec 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

Maya Angelou's quote is about guilt. It's the older self looking back on something she deeply regrets, embracing her younger self, and releasing her from the burden of guilt.

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