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Procrastination Has A Silver Lining

by Shirley

Life has a way of throwing curveballs even when we'd like to stick to our comfort zone...

Shakespeare, Peter H. Thomas & Me!

I had a well-paying job working for a huge corporation but for several years, I felt I'd reached my limit. I was no longer inspired. My creativity and initiative that had previously won me awards, was now being doused.

I thought of leaving several times. Talked to my family and friends. But although some said I could do anything I put my mind to and I should have left a long time ago!... The louder voice - or maybe to me it just seemed louder - was, "Are you crazy? You have security and a great paying job!"

Security - not so much. And I knew this even before the whole department I worked in was eliminated. When I heard I no longer had a job, there was an initial angst of yikes, I have financial commitments but what was more telling, was the feeling of excitement.

You see, I had been told many times in the past I should have my own business given my work ethic and skills. But... I let my financial comfort zone override my need to really make a difference. And I'm not even talking on a grand scale - although that would be so, so good. ;)

A friend gave me the book, Be Great, by Peter H. Thomas and there's a situation that so resonated with me:

'Would she stay in the business world and continue to work at a career she spent twenty years building, or finally follow her passion . . . "It was a question of truth and faith," she recalls. "Did I have the courage and strength to let go of that which was financially rewarding but emotionally empty?" '

Eureka - it was like someone was reading my mind! So I changed paths, took some courses and started my own business! Woo-hoo!

As you've highlighted on the procrastination quotes page, William Shakespeare stated, "In delay there lies no plenty."

So true. I'm still working on the financial abundance - and there is stress after income goes to zero -- LOL.

BUT in what matters most, I have plenty. An abundance of freedom to create new opportunities, learn exciting new things, meet wonderful new people and share in the beauty of life more joyfully!

Things happen for a reason and although on the surface my procrastination held me back, I also think I'm in a much better place to handle the pressures of starting anew.

Life is great!

I'm a believe in people's greatness too, and that's why I've just begun my InspireGreatnessNow.com website

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