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Problems at Work ?

by Sandra

My Anger Management Story about Work...

There is always one. At least for me that was the chant about the "trouble maker"; everywhere I've ever worked at least one person loves to gossip intensely and seemed to thrive off of discord. I use to get angry with these people, withdraw and even sulk at times. But this changed when I realized that I was attracting the negative energy.

I saw that I really did not like the job; I was not satisfied with aspects of my performance; I did not like the company "culture"; I just did not fit in.

But I stayed in these types of job because I needed the money.

For awhile I just crawled out of bed and resentfully went to work and hid out at my desk. "Stay away from me!" exuded from my space. I buried myself in my job duties and performed well, but deep inside I was not working for the "right" reasons.

Then one day my energy shifted and I decided to start saving money and focusing my energy towards releasing the work with the intention of leaving.

When my focus and energy changed I could see possibilities for release. I did not "set goals"; but I started exploring other avenues and let the universe provide.

And yes, the universe will provide the realizations you need.

So what about you (and your anger)? Do you love your current situation? What are your feelings about it telling you about yourself?

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Apr 10, 2012
Wow, Sandra
by: jemimmah

Hey Sandra,

I love the way you turned things around! It's inspirational - really. And I hope I can also copy the same, and paste it in my career..

Thank you

Dec 22, 2010
Great stuff!
by: Steve

It's great that you were able to look at yourself, at how your behaviour was attracting "angry situations" into your life.

It's great that you were able to see how by simply looking at things in a different way, all is changed.

Thanks so much for sharing these personal insights, and for asking questions of us all...


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