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"It's important to start to control your thoughts."

That's more or less what Karen Wolff says about developing a positive mental attitude and keeping it - Karen knows that a positive attitude to life can simply evaporate at the slightest thing, too. So...

  • Read some tips (of a Godly nature, I admit) to help you keep your more natural negative tendencies away.

  • And I share my own positive attitude information tip

It's good stuff - I'm positively certain of it!



Positive Attitude Tips

What I say...

Okay, I've come a long way since I was one of the most negative people around. So I understand the importance of developing a positive attitude - the difference it can make to your life.

So this is MY #1 POSITIVITY TIP:

Ask yourself who benefits from seeing 'life' as negative; and who benefits from seeing 'life' as positive.

The fact of the matter is good and bad stuff happen in each and every life lived out. And either you can take the view that it's usually bad stuff that happens to you (meaning you ignore or downplay the good stuff), or you can take the view that it's usually good stuff that happens to you (meaning you ignore or downplay the bad stuff).

My question to you again: who benefits, when you choose to be positive?

Once you understand that a positive attitude is merely placing a positive filter on life FOR YOUR BENEFIT, then I'm thinking that you can decide to veer towards the positive from now on.


Karen Wolff Says... Control Your Thoughts

And one way of doing that - once you commit to that path - is by checking out Karen Wolff's wisdom (see my video below).

She tells it like it is. (Yes, I agree that there's too much bland positive attitude information out there, too many positive attitude websites (and books) popping up all over the place - not to mention positive attitude quotes. And all to do with developing a positive mental attitude... yada, yada, yada!

That's why I like Karen Wolff's wisdom. It talks about the reality of having a positive attitude, which is this: positivity comes and goes, often at the slightest of sleights too.

Still, Karen offers great tips to deal with the realities of life's ups and downs and she knows that there is no magic formula for a positive attitude - it takes hard work - but it all starts with controlling your thoughts.

Karen is a Christian, by the way. And some will say 'hooray!' to this as she talks of God (and Him) and others will immediately switch off. I say read the tips and see how they can benefit you, whatever your religious or irreligious persuasions!

Karen recommends a particular positive attitude book called The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset written by John C. Maxwell. I have not read it, so can't comment but it has good reviews on Amazon. (Note: you can find reviews of the self-help books I have read, here!)

Maybe you have your own tips or techniques. If so, do let us know! Okay, pos-i-tively it's Karen Wolff's tips time...


What Karen Wolff has to say...



NOTE: Karen Wolff is the founder of www.christian-books-for-women.com

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