Smile Catcher Poem by Anne Steward

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Is there anything more beautiful than a smile?

Anne Steward's poem sums up the essence of 'goodness' behind the simple smile.

  • Her poem makes me want to smile, which is why I've included it
  • So, I think the poem theme is: happiness




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Smile Catcher - what Anne Steward has to say...

I am alone,
my family gone.
Work left behind.
with the years.
I smile.
I catch smiles.
That's my job.
Full time now.
My smile
is for free.
Smiles returned,
my wages.
I catch the bus
to town
and hunt for smiles
in teaming streets
and steamy cafes.
I cast smiles wide.
and reel in my catch
to serve them up
for comfort in the night
when I'm alone.

Poem by Anne Steward reprinted with permission

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