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Plato's Philosphy and My Own

by Gabriele
(Realejos(los)Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain)



Gabriele shares her understanding of the Plato philosophy that states that beauty lies within. And she elaborates on what it means to her.

(Story Theme: Philosophy)

If I understand some of Plato's philosophy correctly then this means that we must thrive for beauty and goodness within ourselves.

To attain such is the answer to best self esteem.

You cannot love yourself if you are addicted to any kind of drugs, selfishness or to the wrong Gods. False Gods are not beautiful and will dirty your thinking, attitudes and actions.
Also, you cannot overcome your own shadow, when you look into the wrong mirror.

Only truth and acceptance of what you really are reflect everything worth contemplating.

Sometimes only a miracle can help us change. However, you first of all must believe in it. This can only be achieved by accepting a God who loves us.

Don't look at your beauty of the past and lovely surroundings and conditions of years gone by...

Let go of your history, or try working on this enormous stumbling block which prevents all good to come of the future.

Also, remain faithful to your principles and words, such as Plato did when he was imprisoned.

All those ideas are what I am trying to live by. And I consider them to be most important when getting older.


NOTE: Gabriele runs http://www.tenerife-holiday-home-insider.com

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Mar 08, 2010
Humble philosophical thoughts for Internet sharing
by: Anonymous

Thank you for publishing my humble words about a bit of my philosophy,

I even forgot that I wrote that. I recollect what Plato said, though.

It is true what I wrote, but I also seem to forget sometimes what I believe. Doesn't that sound crazy?

Anyway, I think our physical state can be badly influenced by illness. And then the mind suffers too.

It helps to publish our believes in writing to share them at the same time. That's what the Internet is for.

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