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...Okay, we ALL know it's about taking action, and yet... And yet, how many of us actually do this, actually take that focussed action that's so necessary for our personal growth?

And that's not the only problem we have with taking action. Sometimes we do the wrong thing - we do what works for 'them', but doesn't work for us.

It's all about your understanding of how things really work...

So what you'll find here, in order of least importance, are personal growth tools dependent on your current level of understanding; e.g.

4. Learn a clever 'technique' (e.g. take some action)

3. Reprogram yourself (e.g. use self-hypnosis)

2. Just let go (e.g. use The Sedona Method)

1. Live from the Inside Out (discover how life really works)



My Recommended Personal Growth Tools

What I say...

Yes, these are my recommended personal growth tools - resources that I believe will help you access the BEST of you (listed least important to most important):

  1. Learn a Clever Technique

    If you believe that all that's missing from your life is knowing how - how to do a certain thing (how to be confident, how to be happy, how to be fearless... HOW!) then feel free to visit one of the relevant self improvement sites listed here and see what products/services they recommend... (Personally, after reading lots of self-help books, doing many self help programs, I don't believe the answer lies in a technique any more!)

    BUT, if I was forced (at gunpoint) to recommend some kind of action-taking, I'd recommend the following: you could try something new, that you think is way out of your comfort-zone.

    You could... Well, my #1 suggestion is, perhaps surprisingly, for you to create your own income-generating website using SBI!, based on your skills and passions. Yes, this IS a challenge - you might even consider it impossible! - but it IS a doable challenge, even for you, and you'll have all the tools you'll need using Sitesell's SBI!.

  2. Reprogram Yourself
    10 steps to banish negativity forever
    Now there are many ways you can try and reprogram your mind - EFT, Tapping, meditation, The Lefkoe Method and even listening to brain reprogramming audios are methods that come to mind. But the method I'm going to talk about here is hypnosis (hypnotherapy) or specifically self-hypnosis.

    Self-hypnosis allows you to directly access the way you think about things. And, let me tell you this, it's the way you think about things that needs to be addressed. It's never what happens to you, but ALWAYS how you respond to (or think about) what happens. (That's what ALL of the personal growth tools I recommend here are about!)

    I've used several self-hypnosis downloads from and can recommend their effectiveness in reprogramming thoughts. Don't just take my word for it though, check out these free resources:

    - Free Ebook: How to stop being your own worst enemy
    - Free Ebook: How to enjoy talking to people
    - Free Ebook: How to be happier with the one you love

    Or, if you'd just like to check out the hypnosis downloads immediately:

    - Popular Downloads: (public speaking fear, confidence, dieting)

    - Course: Overcome negativity and transform your life
    - Course: Overcome insecurity in relationships
    - Course: Overcome social anxiety

    - Hypnosis Downloads (Homepage): Change your life now

  3. Just Let Go (Face Yourself)
    Better still, why not learn to let go - to stop trying to control everything that happens to you, and to be okay with things as they turn up. (It's a clear sign of ease, isn't it, when things just don't bother a person. That's why this features as one of my recommended personal growth tools. But you do have to know yourself a little...)

    So how well do you really know yourself? I mean, really know yourself! All those people that irritate you, for example... all those situations you shy away from... all those times you say "I can't". These are opportunities to KNOW YOURSELF. (Development of self does not come from others changing themselves, or from you wanting to be 'small'.)

    One highly recommended way of getting to face yourself, of getting to let go - both the parts of you love, and the parts of you you'd much rather forget - is by following The Sedona Method. Essentially, this is a series of CDs that take you through a method of self-investigation (questions you ask yourself are: "can I accept this feeling?", "can I welcome it?", "can I let go of this feeling?", "would I?", "when?") that ultimately allows you to 'let go' and free yourself up to BE who you truly are.

    The possibilities are thus endless. Once you start to let go of 'problems' life just gets a whole lot more fun.

  4. Live from the Inside Out (BE yourself)

    I call this 'ultimate solution' discovering how life really works. And life works from the Inside Out, rather - as we've all been lead to believe all of our lives - from the Outside In. (So, how can I help you? Investigate this personal growth tool NOW - it's not about growing, it's about realising who you already are!)

    Example of Outside In philosophy: once I get (rich / a partner / more 'stuff' / less responsibilities (or more responsibilities) then I will be happy. As Michael Neill - one of many advocates of Inside Out Living, and my mentor - puts it, "Your happiness does not depend on getting or having what you want."

    Or how about these words from him, "You aren't afraid of what you think you're afraid of – you're afraid of what you think."

    When you realise that it's your relationship with your thoughts that matters and NOT what's happening to you, then you suddenly discover a power to enable your own happiness, your own well-being - a power you've ALWAYS had.

    Suddenly, what people do just doesn't matter - it's what you think that starts to matter.

    For me, the quest to BE yourself is the only quest (what you do once you've fully being yourself is up to you, naturally, and decisions will come easy to you, as you'll be accessing your inner wisdom much more often). And I believe this 'being yourself' quest is most easily accomplished by understanding the nature of thought, and its impact so far on your life, as discussed by Michael Neill and others...

    So, I HIGHLY recommend you visit my Transformative Coaching website to find out more, and - importantly - to stay in the resulting conversation... (Warning: this solution is NOT for those still wanting to blame others for how their life turned out. Choose another solution if this is you.)

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