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Want to know how to set goals?

Simple. You just get started!

  • Yes, it helps if you know about setting smart goals.
  • Yes, it helps if you separate your life goals from your career goals objectives.
  • And, yes, it helps when you're setting personal goals if you know why you want to set your goals.

But setting goals all begins with writing goals - on a piece of paper, inside some goal-setting software or even on a web page like this! - AND THEN TAKING ACTION!

And making mistakes is okay, just as long as you get started! Your goal-setting will get better as you a) set goals b) achieve your goals and c) reflect on your personal goal-setting experience

So that's what this page is all about.

So please don't read any further UNLESS... unless you're prepared to:

  1. Have a serious think about what you want to achieve
    in your life in the next day, week, month or year

  2. Write down that goal (preferably on this webpage)
    - making your commitment public is very motivating

  3. Take the first step in achieving that goal

Still interested? Great!

One extra incentive? Okay, everybody that submits their goals can download my free ebook called Goal Quotes

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Not that you need 'bribing' to encourage you to share, of course!

That thing you can't wait to achieve - well, that's important enough on its own, after all. And all that's needed, is for you to share down below. Yes, achieving your goals starts here! Let's go!...


More Examples of Personal Goals..

Click on the links below to read other visitors' goals. And please feel free to comment on them! :-) Thanks.

Astrid's Personal Life Goal 
I am a person who lives with Daily Epileptic Seizures that throw me to the ground. I was 11 years old when seizure entered my life and I was determined …

Meche's Personal Goal 
I have gained forty pounds within the last year. I continue to try losing it, but I need to stay focused. Therefore I will lose 10 pounds by September

Stella's Personal Goal 
My personal goals for the next 90 days: 1. I will continue to build my leadership skills and will dedicate my time each week to my new team. 2. I …

Roygel's (PRIORITY) goals. 
My personal goal setting includes the following priority goals: (1) Get a job (2) Quit smoking (3) Live healthy (4) Relocate to a different state …

My Personal Goal is To Handle Difficult Situations 
My personal goal setting task is to translate "Handle critical situations in a calm and diligent manner" into a SMART goal. And here's my attempt so …

Bob and Luke's Personal Goals 
Luke's Personal Goal is to achieve personal networth of $13.5m by 2019 I intend to achieve a personal networth of $13.5m by 2019. This I want …

My personal goal is to develop a language skill 
My goal is to improve my foreign language abilities. And I intend to do this by learning to speak and translate Spanish by September 2010. STEVE …

Jeremy's personal goal is computer programming 
I've been going to college for a year and a half to receive a certificate/diploma for computer programming. I'm wanting to find a good job in any business …

Steve's Personal Goal is Peace of Mind 
Hmm, this setting personal goals was not easy at all! In fact it took me ages to come up with these smart goals below, with reasons why, but at least they'll …

Jayne's personal goal is tolerance 
1. Learn to be more tolerant 2. To put my energy into where it is needed 3. To write my book STEVE COMMENT: Thanks for sharing, …