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Is it Striving to Be Your Best YOU?...

  • Seriously, why are we all bothering with this personal improvement in the first place, all this training and resources and plans?

I'm not too sure, to be honest, but I do acknowledge that my own personal growth has fascinated me ever since I was an awkward, shy teenager trying to make sense of the world. And maybe your story is not too different.

The thing is, personal growth IS inevitable, whether you choose to 'study' it on a self-help site, in a book, or just let life teach you as and when you need to be taught. Personal growth is inevitable, with or without training, and it's unending.

The following pages will help you, should you wish to be helped, in that unending personal journey...

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Personal Development

What the Self Help Collective says...

Well, this is what you'll find on the Self Help Collective website - all about the wonderful world of personal growth, as edited by me:



"There is always something more I can learn!"... A light-hearted look at personal development vs self-improvement, with videos...
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A plan always starts with setting your goals! That's what Alicia Forest says, anyway. Find links to personal development plans...
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Find what I call an ultimate set of self-help tips, AND some personal development resources that help you put those tips into action...
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Brief self hypnosis guide explains why self hypnosis is a safe, powerful way to reprogram your mind, and develop your self...
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(What else should we cover?
Let us know! )




(What else should we cover?
Let us know! )


Note: Jonathan Lockwood Huie's How-To Self-Help Motivation page also offers great personal improvement tips.


What I say...

As I say above, I'm not sure what the main purpose of development of self is all about.

I'm not sure I'm that concerned about defining personal development, actually.

But I guess it's more or less about using your strengths to achieve your goals, and the development of your weaknesses (or at least acknowledgement of them) so you can be a better person. Or being the best me I can be. (By the way, that's my job! You have to settle for being the best 'you', you can be. Deal?)

How about you? What is personal improvement for you? This YouTube video, starring Brian Tracy, does a great job of explaining what it means to him.


Self-development - what Hilda Williams has to say...

Here is another way to seek personal growth — through tai chi qigong meditation.

Discover a wide range of topics on this 5000-year-old Chinese yoga for health, martial arts & spiritual and personal growth at chikung-unlimited.com. This comprehensive site is all about chi kung/qigong as a way of life, including tai chi chuan, self-defence, health and healing (through diet, acupressure, herbs and home remedies, etc.), yogic breathing, Eastern philosophy & meditation. An inside-out guide to personal growth, you might say.

Also available at chikung-unlimited.com: e-courses, free lessons, vision therapy and free consultation and online support. All designed to see how Chi Kung Unlimited can best meet your individual personal and spiritual development needs.

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