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Overcoming Obstacles... MY Health Triumph as a Metaphor for YOUR Life

by Sandi
(California, USA)

The machine that changed my life!

The machine that changed my life!

Sandi's incredible inspirational story sounds more like an episode of House (with Hugh Laurie). At first, anyway. But when you get past all of the medical terms involved in Sandi's particular health issue, you discover a woman who faced a series of tough obstacles and overcame them all.

And Sandi was able to learn about herself as she did this, and learn about how she was able to overcome obstacles. And she shares her lessons with us, here, in what has to be one of the most inspirational stories, I'm sure you'll agree...

(STORY THEME: Faith and Patience)

You have what's called an "acoustic neuroma" (that's why I can only hear good out of one ear when using the phone). The cause?

A brain tumor: in my case, it was found to be benign.

But this story cannot be reduced to the three sentences above. I wish it had been that easy.

Here is what I was faced with and what I learned...

The first time I knew something was wrong was when half my face twisted (like a stroke) and then relaxed back to normal within half a minute. I immediately went to the doctor and they thought I had Bells Palsy. Medicines followed, but to no avail. So, referrals to specialists began.

Ah, finally a neurologist. And more neurologists... What I was doing on the side was researching through legitimate medical web sites and reading the doctor's books: Merck Manual and Tabor's medical guide... My goal was to at least narrow my own symptoms down so I could be well versed in what the doctor was discussing.

But while doing my research I found out about new treatments and old treatments and the advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

All of these referrals to doctors, reading and researching took time. I'd say it took about at least 8 months. And during this period I would continue working and having bouts with the face twisting and relaxing in no specific or reliable time. Needless to say, I wondered if I scared folks and/or if people would be afraid to interact with me...

Lesson One: most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice what's going on in yours. They just don't pay that much attention to other people. And those close to you, if they are real friends, will take time and listen to what's going on with you, and show you compassion.

Finally the doctor gave me options: brain surgery, radiation of the tumor, and "watch and wait" to see if the tumor will grow some more....

As it happens I was a "meditator", which means that I had learned to be patient and to see holistically (I'm not perfect...but meditation sure does help). So based on my meditation twice daily and my contemplations, I decided on "watch and wait" which would give me more time to research alternatives, change my eating habits and observe more what was going on. (But I will not lie: I was hoping this tumor which just go away...)

Two years of watch and wait... The tumor grew (a little). The hemi facial spasms continued, although I noticed that there was a correlation with certain foods triggering them and with stress.

I read more and more - more and more research. I then came across the work of Dr. Blaylock on Neurotoxins...

Lesson Two: my initial problem caused me to learn more about nutrition which was useful to my general knowledge base. Your problem could be a stepping stone to something else, too, a solution to another problem maybe. All is connected, and things happen for a reason.

Okay, finally: what to do?

I found out about a surgical procedure in its experimental stage at a major well respected University and decided this is what I wanted. My current HMO does not do this procedure... Will they approve... YES they did...

Lesson Three: be patient, and still, and watch things come to you. You don't have to fight... All things come together for good..." (You fill in the blanks...)

Here's a tip, if you're interested: read more about the new advances in science and medicine for tumors and cancer in odd places of the body. (NOTE: The Southwest Washington Medical Center is NOT the center I used, but I just wanted to provide a link... You can always Google cyberknife for yourself, and look at legitimate medical hospital web sites!)

Cyberknife stage:

Lots of interviews with doctors, exams and finally the procedure:

What happened?

Non invasive, three dosages of radiation (3 consecutive days, approx 1 hour total, for all steps of the procedure), no cutting, no bleeding, no side effects... Done... The hemi facial spasms disappeared after the first treatment... This was over 9 years ago...

Lesson Four: waiting, patience, research, and faith in something greater than yourself can often mean the difference between a quality life and a sub-standard one...

This is a short story, and not inclusive of every event that happened over the two years.

And I'm not a physician, nor hold this treatment up to be the answer to your own problems...

I simply ask you to observe the process that I went through, and hopefully this will help you or someone you love....

Thank you,

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Mar 22, 2010
An incredible journey, Sandi
by: Steve

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey, Sandi, and for the lessons you learned along the way.

I'm sure we can all learn from your lessons too.

Great stuff!

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