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Overcoming Flying Fear

by Sylv Gregory
(Thorverton, Devon, UK)

I wanted to fly to Vienna but was petrified of flying.

To me flying was like staring into the mouth of a flaming dragon, but deep down inside I wanted to be a George and slay that dragon. Having been assured someone would fly with me I bought my ticket. At the last moment, and through no fault of their own, my flying partner was indisposed.

Blind panic set in-but hang on, I'd bought the ticket. If I didn't go that dragon would win, yet again. So it was that I decided to go alone. Many fears queued up on my shoulders, each one wanting their voice to be heard, over and over again.

The persistent ones travelled to the airport with me. The day I flew was special to me - it was my birthday. Relatives accompanied me to the airport but once in Departures I was alone.

I can recall the fear of getting on the wrong plane and being assured by a staff member that it couldn't happen. "Huh," I thought, "You don't know me!" To me the departure lounge was a huge place and here I discovered there was only one plane delayed that morning - yes, it was mine. It was delayed for two hours and my fear was so great that those two hours seemed like two days. I lost count of how many times I walked around that departure lounge. I couldn't have too many coffees,.Was there a toilet on a plane?...

I can laugh about it now - but, remember, I had never done this before. At one stage I spent 10 minutes having my face made up. If we were going to crash I wanted to look my best when they found me!

Eventually it was time to board. So with legs like jelly and a heart that felt it was beating out side my chest I reached the entrance of the plane and hesitated. The stewardess sensing my plight calmed me down and showed me to my seat. Before taking off the pilot apologised for the delay explaining that one of their other planes had experienced engine problems. Great! Just what I wanted to hear. Good job I had my face done then!

Once we had taken off and were above the clouds I couldn't believe the majesticness of all that surrounded me. It was like a Wonderland. After changing planes I finally I touched down in Vienna. Having no idea where the hotel was I hailed a taxi. The little voice on my shoulder said "Don't forget it was all done electronically, they may not have received the booking." Thankfully they had. I turned the lock to my room and collapsed on the bed, a mixture of emotions racing through my mind. I had done it, I had slain my own personal dragon, once and for all.

I realised that fear is only a figment of the imagination and somewhere in the sky I had lost my fear.


A great insight into how irrational our fears are, whether they be related to fear of flying, fear of spiders, or any other of our most common fears). And also an insight into how our minds can work with the fear, twist our thoughts, so that the fear become very, very REAL. But, most important of all, this story is a great example of how facing our fears is the only way we can overcome them...

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Mar 05, 2012
by: Chrissy

Sylv has told me this story before and every time I hear it, I think "WOW brave lady, don't think I could be that brave"

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