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No Closeness In Relationship

by Bambi

There is no closeness in my relationship with my long-term and newly divorced friend. His ex-wife cheated on him badly, but he blames me for our lack of closeness ...

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I'm in a relationship with a long time friend.

I was a nanny for him and his wife for 12 years. He and his wife split up 2 years ago and he asked me to return and help him with his four kids that he had custody over.

They divorced a year and a half ago and she died suddenly one week after the divorce. This is the woman he wanted to grow old with despite the fact that he found out she had been with many men throughout their marriage of 13 years.

When I arrived to help with the kids we started a relationship together - which, within a few months, grew cold. He tells me I am angry all the time and that is the reason for the distance between us.

This is not the first reason he has given me when I ask him why we arn't growing closer.

Our sex life is almost nonexistent - we have no bond in this area, and there is almost no affection between us. He has not worked since last September and I stay at home with the kids.

He asked me to marry him earlier this year but I am wondering why.

I almost feel like leaving but the kids just lost their Mom and I cannot leave them now.

Please help,


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