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My Voice and Low Self Esteem

by Terrible Voice

It all begun when I realised this weird thing about me!...

Well, I'm 18 years old. I believe I have good looks, I am very fit (I play sports, go the gym...) and I'm tall but my voice sucks. Plus I am not obsessed about my looks.

It all begun when I was a little kid and heard my voice from my friends' mobile phone. I was shocked. Its not a high pitched voice, it's a normal voice, but I cant get it to work properly.

My low self-esteem symptoms go like this...

I don't speak much because I'm afraid that they will not like the way I speak. My voice sound is not that bad but for an odd reason I tend to speak too fast and my tongue usually slips. When I hear my self speaking I feel so depressed... I'm so jealous of ALL the other people who don't have a problem like this.

I am always thinking that the others wont understand what I'm saying and that my tongue will slip by the next second. I try thinking not to speak that fast but still I don't like the way that my voice is coming out...

This is also bad because in a conversation people will unintentionally pay no attention to what I am saying because my voice has no power...

Girls run away from me as soon as they hear me talking. It makes me feel so lonely.

I also want to say that although I love sports and going to the gym regularly, I believe one of the reasons I always want to stay fit is because my self esteem is so low. So there is another symptom of low self-esteem.

The others think that I am a boring person because I don't talk much but in reality I am not. They usually ask me "What?" or "Can you repeat that?". This drops my self esteem to the ground...

This voice is ruining my life.

I've given up trying to get a girl because I know that the way I speak is a huge turn off. I am in the age where everyone is thinking about girls but my voice makes it impossible for me... Maybe I'm overeacting but that is the way I feel.

I hate my voice and the way I speak.... I am sick of myself

Sorry for my bad English

Comments for My Voice and Low Self Esteem

Nov 28, 2012
Thanks for sharing your voice
by: Steve

Thanks for sharing your low self esteem symptoms 'Terrible Voice' - all stemming from that 'terrible voice' you think you have. The first thing that came to me was David Beckham. This man is one of the most famous men in the world. He has achieved so much, and this despite many setbacks in his professional (and personal) life. And, yes, he's a handsome man (if you like that sort of thing) and he's got a good body (!), but...

Well, David Beckham, has a squeaky voice, that some might say is a terrible voice!

Ultimately, every person on this planet is unique. Every person has amazing qualities and strengths. And the degree to which each and every person focusses on these qualities and strengths (rather than the 'weaknesses' that everyone also has) is the degree to which that person lives a happy, and fulfilled life.

In short: your problem isn't that you have a terrible voice, but that you think you have a terrible voice and think it makes your life terrible. Sooner or later you will be okay with your voice, I'm hoping - perhaps you'll do some speech work, like those with stuttering problems do, and your confidence in your voice will return.

Rather than looking at this as a problem, TV, look at it as an opportunity to learn about yourself, to develop yourself into someone who is okay with not sounding like everyone else...

And all this came from you noticing this 'problem' in the first place.

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