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My Taxi-Driver Anger

by Rakiya

Beeping me because my car is better that his!

Beeping me because my car is better that his!

Taxi driver beeping me for doing the correct speed limit.

Just as the title suggests, yes I got angry at a taxi driver for beeping me because I was... doing the correct speed.

What really happened truth be told, was the car in front of me was turning into a junction, there was room on the side to go past it, but I didn't, I just stayed behind it. The taxi driver behind was beeping me.

I never got so angry in my whole life. I stuck my swear finger out the window all the way down the road. F'ed and blinded him when he got to traffic lights. F'ed, blinded and screamed him some more at traffic lights as I passed him.

F'ed, screamed and blinded him when our cars were parallel.

My naughty word finger was still wagging in the air.

He is F'ing and blinding me also like there is no tomorrow, or rather cussing me because he is so jealous of my lovely, expensive car!

Poor customer..... had their head down in shame and probably won't be using that taxi company again, needless to say!

Poor taxi driver..... earning tippings and living off other peoples charity tips!

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Oct 24, 2011
I know what it is...
by: sandy

I feel this everytime I get in an intersection to make a left turn and someone is behind me. What I identified is Pressure. I realized that I don't like people pushing me to do something before I'm ready. And I also identified a part of myself that is not quite comfortable making impulsive decisions like when and if I have 3 seconds to make that turn without getting in an accident.

But one thing I know for sure is that when I get mad or angry I'm more likely to jump out there in traffic.

One day I decided that I didn't think it was worth it to me to upset my health and equilibrium. I also faced the reality with what is called road rage that I could be shot for getting nasty with another driver. That is not the "hill" I want to die on.(as the old saying goes)

So now my position is for folks that push and pressure is that they'll meet their match down the road. But until then, I choose to have a peaceful and healthy life.

An ego behind the wheels is a dangerous thing.

Hope you learn to check the ego stuff at home before getting out on the road. It really feels better. At least for me it does.

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