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My Study Project on Happiness!

by Simon
(Derby, UK)

This is not so much a story as an epiphany that I am currently having, and have been having, over the last few months - about happiness.

We all seek happiness in a lot of areas in our lives: money, love and various other things (for me it is music). What people get wrong is these things have no value of their own in making us happy. What makes us happy is in our own value and how we see ourselves.

People feel the need to be in relationships because the other person validates them and gives them worth. People want to earn lots of money because it gives them a sense of what they are worth... you can see where I am going with this cant you?

Ultimately happiness comes from a sense of how we see ourselves, and in that one thing is everything you need to know about the human condition.

And this one thing is: All anyone ever wants is to know that they matter.

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Jun 17, 2009
What really matters!
by: Mariah

You're so right, Simon- we all want to know we matter. And I'm starting to realize that what we often overlook is that we need to matter to ourselves- without that, no amount of approval from outside will make us feel any better.

Jun 03, 2009
Happiness comes from inside...
by: Mimi

I could say I'm on a similar path... finding happiness has never really been my goal... finding inner peace and loving myself are far more important IMO.

I believe that when you love yourself, you'll create the circumstances in your life that support that feeling which ultimately makes you feel happy...:-)

Good luck on your study project on happiness!

May 26, 2009
What a great idea!
by: Steve

A study project on happiness sounds like a great idea, Simon! :-)

I think that people like how they feel when they do those things that make them happy - in your case, music. The feeling makes them happy, and not actually the activity itself.

Thanks for sharing.

And I hope others will also share what makes them happy, too. :-)

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