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My Regaining Health Story

by Tony Rovere
(West Islip, NY, USA)

How I Re-Gained My Health and You Can Too

Like so many people, as the strains and stresses of life started to hit me in my 20s and 30s, I started "running out of time" to take care of myself and started to put the pounds on.

Those few pounds started to add up...and eventually I was 6' and weighed in at 252 lbs.

I was a good 60 pounds overweight...but like so many people I still didn't take action, that is, until my body started to tell me that something was wrong.

That happened when I was just 36 years old. I started to develop chest pains that were small at first but developed into deep, stabbing pains. I realized what this was... the beginnings of heart disease. And what was worst of all, at the time I had no health insurance to get this checked.

But I was fortunate to come across a book, a book that not only changed my life but could very possible have saved it, "Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish's Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly" by Doctor Dean Ornish. Dr. Ornish is the first person to scientifically prove, FDA-certified, that it is possible to REVERSE heart disease by making lifestyle changes alone.

As I read I was fascinated... looking at pictures of people's hearts and arteries before entering his program and seeing the blockages due to the plaque buildup on the insides of the walls of their arteries, and then six months to a year later seeing the plaque buildup DISAPPEAR without surgery or medication.

So I decided to go ahead with his program, which is not easy... it does require discipline. But I figured that it would be far easier to be disciplined in terms of what I ate than it would be for me to recover from open heart surgery.

Dr. Ornish prescribes a three-part plan for his patients:

  1. Thirty minutes of walking daily. Dr. Ornish recommends that you walk swiftly enough so it is difficult to carry on a conversation but not so fast that you are totally out of breath.

  2. Meditation and yoga to help you deal with stress-management.

  3. An extremely low-fat diet. There is no calorie counting, but you cannot eat anything that has over 2g of fat per serving and 2g of sugar per serving so that you consume no more than 10% of your calories from fat.

That's his program. Granted the third bullet point is the tough one. I have to admit that I never got done to 10% of my calories coming from fat, but my studying the nutrition facts labels I was routinely between 11%-15%.

The results, I lost 60 pounds in 6 pounds in 6 months... and haven't had a heart palpitation in 5 years now and counting.

So for those of you who are struggling to lose weight, I certainly would recommend any of Dr. Ornish's books, as they have the power to totally transform your life.

About the Author:

Tony Rovere regained his health, strength and vitality by losing 60 pounds and managing to keep it off for over 4 years.

This is why he created WeightLossTipsAfter40.com, where he shares his passion for health and fitness with others so that they can accomplish the same goals that he has achieved.

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