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My personal goal is to develop a language skill

by Todd
(Los Angeles, CA)

My goal is to improve my foreign language abilities.

And I intend to do this by learning to speak and translate Spanish by September 2010.

Thanks for sharing, Todd. You have set yourself a big goal, indeed, and all in less than 1 year too!

I wonder how you will measure the activities of 'speaking' and 'translating'. Will you want to be able to translate a magazine like ¡Hola!, for example, and will you be able to speak with a group of Spanish speakers in a noisy bar?

Would be fascinating to know these details!

Successful goal-setting is about doing the things you have to do and doing them first - e.g. eating the frog. And this requires discipline. (It also requires setting goals you actually want to reach.) To help you do both, then, check out this Hypnosis Downloads resource:

Reach your goals once you've decided on them...

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