"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

My Low Self Esteem

by S
(St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

7 Months ago I was 100 lbs overweight and didn't even have low self-esteem... I had NO self esteem! I wanted to be a wall-flower, go completely unnoticed; felt I didn't deserve success and certainly would never achieve respect and success!

I am now on a journey to transform...

I am looking for all of the signs of low self-esteem and am determined to reverse the damage of 20+ years that has been done!

So, some of the things I feel with low/no self-esteem are:

1. I don't deserve respect

2. I don't deserve success in my career choice, in my home life or my spiritual life.

3. I am not worthy of affection or attention.

4. I can't trust. (Because for so many years I feel like I have been lied to and deceived with untruthful comments.)

5. I can't step out and be who I long to be because I will be ridiculed and laughed at.

6. I am not strong enough emotionally or spiritually to succeed.

7. I am ugly on the outside.

8. I am hard on my self and focus on my failures rather than my successes.

9. Being alone is better.

10. Self hate - if I can't like me, no one will.

Thank you, S, for sharing your symptoms of low self-esteem here, and for telling the world that you aim to transform all of the above so you start to love and respect (and have fun) with yourself... Your journey has begun for doing so!

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