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My Low Self Esteem Signs

by A

Accepting things because I probably don't deserve better.

That's what's behind low self esteem symptoms like these:

  • Allowing myself to be okay with poor treatment from others.

  • Convincing myself that I am lucky I am not alone and if I am not careful I will surely screw up.

  • Settling for being treated in ways I know are not right or fair (but I'm too scared to speak up or defend myself because I feel powerless to change it and petrified what that change looks like).


I know I do not know you, A, but I do know I can say this to you, or anyone who reads this page, YOU DESERVE BETTER. We all deserve to be treated fairly, and lovingly, by others. Of course, others can have 'off days', or make mistakes, but generally it's important that people treat us properly as much as possible.

It's important to understand this, though...

People treat us as well or as badly as we let them!

Thank you for sharing your self-esteem story with us, at Self Help Collective. You are not alone. But all of us can change, can grow, and can be better able to express ourselves assertively - we can!

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