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My Low Self Esteem Signs

by K

K's signs of low self-esteem look like this... (Imagine reading each and every word of what follows without taking a breath.)

Low self-esteem is extra baggage I carry around every day:

  1. My butt's too big, my nose looks like someone led me around by it - I will be loved if I can just lose weight...

  2. The way you feel every day- you're just not good enough. How do you get past that?

  3. I know that everything I think becomes reality.

  4. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm 48. It's because I am about 30 pounds overweight. Who wants to be with someone that can't control their weight. Doesn't that mean they can't control other things? Like a relationship?

  5. Why do I get overlooked for the management position? I am a natural born leader - a Leo none the less. But being overweight implies that I don't care enough. That I am not fit to lead. It doesn't fit into the image of their "clique".

  6. I don't have any "real" friends.
    I am as critical of them as I am of me. I notice one small behavior that is unbelievably annoying - like criticizing other people. Then I just sort of distance myself from that person. I don't want to be around someone that criticizes others in front of me - what are they saying about me behind my back?

Thank you so much for sharing your symptoms of low self esteem, K - it takes a lot of courage to share yourself so openly.

What I notice is that you seem to have an awful lot of thinking going on, about yourself and others in your life, most of which sounds negative.

It's hard to relax, to be fun and to see the fun in others, when such 'protective' thinking is in your mind all of the time - a noisy, shrieking, endless soundtrack that you take to be the 'truth'.

As an antidote to that thinking, let me share with you a wonderful resource that might help you to see that you're actually a wonderful human being, flawed but wonderful. It's called Supercoach and it's run by a rather wonderful (ex-suicidal, ex-depressive) Michael Neill.

Check out the site here, and listen to his HayHouse radio shows - at least 3 different times, if you can - and I'm certain you'll start to think of your self (or rather your thinking) in a different light.

- Michael Neill's Supercoach website

Oh, one last thing! We weren't put here on planet Earth to be perfect human beings, you know, but to be okay with our imperfections (which we ALL have!)...

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