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My Insecure Girlfriend Problem

My new relationship is over before it's begun, all because my girlfriend is insecure, doesn't feel enough for me. Yes, I was perhaps too eager but now it's over. Help!...

QUESTION: Girlfriend Broken Up With Me Because Thinks She's Not Good Enough. What Do I Do?...


I have been seeing this girl for a month and a half and a few days ago she broke it off. I don't know what to do. She is incredibly insecure and was also in an abusive relationship in the past.

She said her reasoning was that I am better off without her and she's doing it now to save one of us from getting even more hurt down the track. She thinks I want more than she is able to give me and that she is not enough. and too toxic. She needs me to stay away from her.

She keeps everything inside and I told her it was ok to let me in and now she thinks I want more and she can't give it to me because she can't let her walls down. She also does not believe in love and says that she likes me as much as its possible for her to like a person but that she won't ever be able to like me as much as I like her and it's not fair on me.

She also says she is protecting herself from getting hurt again and cant deal with all of this even though she likes me.

I don't know what to do, it seems like even though she is saying she wants to breakup, she really doesn't and is just afraid of getting serious and having one of us hurt each other in the long run.

Also I think I may have taken things too fast which has resulted in her freaking out. I spent a lot on her for her birthday, have introduced her to my family and maybe gotten too serious too quickly.

I care about her a lot and don't want to give up on her, we have still been messaging the last few days but she does not want to see me and keeps saying it's weird and confusing and there's too much to sort out. I don't know what is wrong because she won't talk about it.

I need some advice as to what I should do in this situation, I don't want to walk away I want to work things out.

What should I do? ...


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