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My Inner Hate

by M

My Inner Hate Symptoms of Low Self Esteem...

I am a college student who is suffering from low self esteem, but I just realized it recently.

People say I should have a healthy self esteembecause I am relatively attractive, sociable, and I get good grades but I really don't like myself as a person.


I think I am selfish, inconsiderate, awkward, spiteful, mean, unattractive, chubby, not smart enough... the list can go on and on.

I really need help. If I can't love myself, who else will?

I started making bad decisions as of late and I feel like I am losing control of my life. And this scares me.


Comments for My Inner Hate

Oct 18, 2010
I hear you, M
by: Steve


Thanks for leaving your low self esteem signs - I'm sure it's not easy to face upto what you don't like about yourself.

And you do have a big list of faults, there, for sure!

I wonder if your friends would be surprised at how you saw yourself! I certainly think it's hard to feel good about yourself (and thus others) if you are constantly listening to self-talk that seems to be so unkind and unloving!

I wonder whether you would accept such harshness from a close friend.

Anyway, I'm not trying to make your low self esteem symptoms "go away" (only you can do that). But I do hope that your sharing them has helped in some small way (I'm sure it helps those that get to read bout them - so thank you! :-) ).

And I wish you well...


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