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My Happiness is Celebrating Your Accomplishments.

by Mercy
(Atlanta GA, USA)

My Definition of Happiness: Celebrating Your Acomplishments.

My meaning of happiness is celebrating your accomplishments.

Yes even the least accomplishment in your eyes. So I am happy that maybe you did not make it to the gym, but you walked a few blocks instead today.

I'm happy that maybe you haven't quit smoking completely yet (if that is your goal) but you have reduced the number you smoke.

I'm happy that, okay, you may not have your Masters degree or PhD, but you do have your diploma, or GED, associates degree, or whatever educational goal that you previously set for yourself.

I'm happy that you did not blow the horn when that gentleman (or lady) cut across you in traffic, even though you wanted to do so badly. Despite thinking "What do they think they're doing?" you held back - wow! In my books, this calls for a celebration.

Look at everything you have achieved!

See how much strength you've exhibited.

Go celebrate, as you know it wasn't easy to do. Go on spoil yourself - you deserve it!

Find happiness in celebrating you.

Oh, we are determined! :-)


Feel happy every day?

Is that even possible, Would you even want to? Well... Why not find out for yourself!

Feel happy every day!

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Jun 07, 2010
Mercy, you are too kind! :-)
by: Steve

Thanks, Mercy, for your incredible kindness re what makes you happy.

And how did you know that I didn't curse that gentleman driver that cut me up the other day! ;-)


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