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My Courage Story

by Kayla Shaw
(Colorado Springs, CO, United States)

Having Courage When It Is Extremely Difficult To Do So

Taking a risk requires courage, and courage has never been my strong suit.

So, when I decided to become a professional writer while I was in college to become a counselor, I naturally felt very nervous. Making matters worse, my family did not support this decision (as they still do not), which only added to my insecurity at the beginning of this journey. In fact, I still feel as though all my relatives are silently thinking "Why doesn't she get a real job?"

Making a living online is not an easy task; it is filled with bumps and requires you to have the skin of a crocodile.

I have experienced being yelled at through an email, rejection around every corner and being stiffed by clients who soaked up hours of my time and work. However, taking a risk to do something that you are passionate about is also a rewarding experience.

With every rejection and failure that I have experienced, I have also had success and reassurance.

Courage and confidence is a not an in-grained personality trait for many of us, but instead is fostered through a series of rewards and punishments.

However, I promise that if you stick with something long enough and you pour yourself into making it work, you will succeed. Life is not meant to be lived at a job that you hate and as long as you have the perseverance to make a change, eventually you will find the courage to put your passion into action...

To learn more about working online and living the freelancer lifestyle, please visit my website and blog at www.glorytwigwriting.com (note: link no longer works - Steve!)

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Apr 23, 2012
The Rigours of 'Online Life'
by: Steve

Thanks for sharing your courage story. It's always courageous to take steps that challenge you, especially if those steps are not supported by nearest and dearest.

So I wish you well in your venture, and congratulate you for rising to the challenge.


PS I completely agree with you Kayla regarding how tough your skin has to be when you publish content online. I have received many emails of abuse, usually having nothing to do with me or the website I was running. I guess people find it easy to abuse via email or forum comments rather than face to face (wonder why lol)

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